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Anti-ageing is good for both business and health

A business that creates wellbeing: for yourself and for your skin.


The premises of Innate couldn’t be brighter, with walls the colour of sugar paper and partitions as clear as the glass of its products and the words of Federico Panzieri, entrepreneur and CEO of the company. It was he who changed the fortunes of the small cosmetics company and created a pharmaceutical workshop specialised in the production of hyaluronic acid: a sugar that nourishes and combats wrinkles as well as all the profound states of the body such as trauma or osteoarthritis from ageing. From beauty to health, therefore, opening new and unexplored markets with significant investments in quality and innovation: “I was interested in benefiting not only beauty but also the inner self”.

“Commitment, dedication and passion
are the three key words of my work
but the secret ingredients are the people
who are worth more than technology and machinery.
People make the difference; and my goal
has always been to set an example for them.”

Federico Panzieri, CEO of Innate.

Innate produces medical devices for people’s health and well-being. It is mainly known for the production of hyaluronic acid. Founded in 2004 as a cosmetic production company, it now employs over 30 people and has a turnover of around 4 million euros (data at the end of 2018). Exports account for 50% of turnover but are expected to grow.

“Luck is what happens when talent meets opportunity.“

In March 2017 someone knocked on the door of Innate: he was an entrepreneur who wanted to acquire the Novi Ligure company. Federico Panzieri turned down the offer but realised the potential for growth with a strong partner at his side. A new company was formed: InnPharm Srl of which Innate holds a 49% share together with Pharmaceutica (49%) and a private individual (2%). Panzieria said: “It is a winning policy for SMEs to create synergy: together we have over one hundred resources and a turnover of 60 million.”. Innate opened itself to the foreign markets of Eastern Europe and Asia; the union of several players of the same chain created economies of scale, greater commercial strength, and synergies of production and sale.


Innate has optimised its use of available resources by adopting solutions that respect the environment. It is working on a plan that will involve the installation of solar panels and increasing the efficiency of use of water resources in production.

Digital innovation

To achieve a significant competitive advantage, the company has chosen to invest in advanced technological solutions and to create an internal R&D laboratory. In addition, remote control of machinery allows for continuous control of the production process.