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18th. International Architecture Exhibition

We are delighted to be the main sponsor sustaining the new edition of the Biennale Architettura. For the first time, it is leaving Venice and entering the surrounding areas for new participation and dialogue between different kinds of know-how and belonging. Supporting the cultural eco-system is one of the Bank’s commitment pillars, for the economic and social development in Italy. A commitment that has launched a project like the Economy of Beauty, created in the Biennale context; to express the value generated by heritage from culture, territory and enterprise.

Ernesto Fürstenberg Fassio, President of Banca Ifis.

For the third year running, Banca Ifis confirms its commitment as partner of the Venice Biennale, “The Laboratory of the Future”,18. International Exhibition of Architecture. The exhibition, curated by the Sottish architect, Lesley Lokko, will be held between 20 May and 26 November 2023 in the Giardini, the Arsenal and Forte Marghera.

Banca Ifis is the Main Partner of the Italian Pavilion, “Spaziale. Everyone belongs to everyone else”, by the collective Fosbury Architecture. The project narrates “space” as a physical, symbolic place; a system of known references and area of possibilities, with a series of collaborative processes defining a transition agenda for the Company.

The Fosbury Architecture collective has not created the Pavilion Italy project to just exhibit an experience; but means to create an important impact as an activator of concrete actions to benefit the area and communities living in it.

Nine stages

Nine stages in sites representing the fragile , transforming areas of our country: a number of collaborative processes created by designers and advisors under 40 to face the global challenges of our times.

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