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Our commitment, your company

Choose our Factoring solutions and get immediate liquidity for your company
What are the advantages of our solutions?

A high degree of customisation 

Offering you a solution that is designed for your sector, the business needs of your company and your relationships with your customers

Managing relationships with your customers

Supporting you as an operator that specialises in credit management, and giving you the opportunity to allocate more resources to production

Certainty regarding
repayment schedule

Always providing you with the liquidity you need for growth, while offering protection against the risk of customer insolvency

Our solutions, your projects

Our main products are listed below. Banca Ifis will help you  find the ideal solution for you and your company


Medium/long-term loans: Guaranteed Loans

Request a medium to long-term loan to help meet your need for liquidity or plans for investment, with loans guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund or supported by SACE

leasing leasing

Leasing: freedom for you and your company

Choose our leasing solutions, designed to meet your company’s needs for flexibility 

Rendimax Conto Deposito 4% Rendimax Conto Deposito 4%

Rendimax Conto Deposito: make your savings grow

You can achieve returns of up to 4.00% gross per annum on 4- and 5-year maturities with a Rendimax Conto Deposito

Capitalfin Capitalfin

Salary-backed loans: financial support for private customers

Put your plans into action; with the backing of your salary or pension you can obtain a fixed-rate loan 


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