Leasing for businesses

Freedom and productivity for your company.

Our leasing​ solutions help your company access the equipment it needs for its operations. ​​Discover the leasing solution that’s right for you by consulting our specialists.

Choosing our solutions allows your business to conserve existing capital and credit lines, plan cash flow and increase purchasing power.

Our leasing solutions for businesses

leasing beni strumentali

Capital goods leasing

You can access the right equipment for your company, thanks to our strong relationships with manufacturers, retailers and distributors across Europe

leasing auto

Vehicle leasing

A network of agencies throughout the country is ready to meet the needs of your business

The advantages of Leasing

Leasing allows you defer the cost of the equipment over time and at a fixed rate, ​​allowing you to plan our investment​​ with an initial outlay that is far lower than the purchase price. Financial leasing also offers various tax advantages:

  • Division of your VAT payments​ into instalments, if certain conditions are met; accelerated depreciation compared to the standard rates by deducting regular instalments over the term of the contract;
  • ​Option of deducting instalments​​ for IRES and IRAP purposes as repayment on capital;
  • Access to ​​national and regional subsidies​​.

Leasing with EIB provisions

Leasing with EIB funding is a solution on offer to Italian SMEs. It is designed to finance so-called “Green” initiatives, including small-scale investments for the purposes of “Innovation”, or projects that are eligible under the “Industry 4.0 Plan”. The EIB scheme provides financial advantages for the customer benefitting from this support.

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