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Zero fees and good returns on your savings

Rendimax Conto Corrente offers you totally secure transactions and guarantees you good returns on your savings. Find out how much interest you can earn using our online calculator.

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The private area and current account are accessible through three different keys: the customer code, the password  you have chosen and the One Time Password, the temporary code generated from time to time with  Secure Call or Token Software.

Your money is secure.
Banca Ifis is a member of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund which guarantees up to EUR 100 thousand per customer and per bank. Please also note that, since 2 July 2015 the Italian Parliament has enacted a law introducing harmonised rules in all European countries to prevent and manage crises of banks and investment firms (
download the full document on bail-in).

If you activate the Vincolato option, you can earn up to 0.75% interest p.a. on amounts locked for 2 years. If you choose the Like option, you will be able to credit sums to the Libero account after 33 days, continuing to accrue interest rate until the locked period expires. With the Vincolato current account line, you can choose whether to receive interest in advance (Vincolato Anticipato) or quarterly, with higher interest (Vincolato Posticipato).

Free or locked capital? You choose

We offer you several solutions for making your savings work harder. The Libero linked account means you have immediate disposal of sums, as well as the option of:

  • Topping up the Like linked account, an at call solution, which allows you to have sums at your disposal by requesting them giving 33 days’ advance notice;
  • Choosing to lock your capital by depositing it in the Vincolato account, which offers five different maturity options and two methods for settling interest: advance notice (Vincolato Anticipato) or quarterly in arrears (Vincolato Posticipato).

Zero fees and zero opening and closing charges. But that is not all!

  • No fee for the Rendimax debit card; 
  • Unlimited POS and on-line payments;
  • 5 free cash withdrawals per month in Italy and EU countries;
  • First SEPA wire transfer of the month free of charge; 
  • Bank SMS alert service free of charge (Customer SMS charges will vary according to mobile operator).

Rendimax Conto Corrente options


This allows you to have a Rendimax debit card and activate Like or Vincolato; it is ideal for those who often need to use capital for transactions.


Activated with a minimum of EUR 1,000, it offers returns at 0.40% gross p.a. and allows you to have your funds available at call.

Vincolato Anticipato and Posticipato

Option of locking sums with returns of up to 0.75% gross p.a., choosing freely between two interest settlement solutions: advance notice or in arrears.

Debit Card

Zero fees

free debit card is offered to all Rendimax Conto Corrente customers. You can request it when you open your account or at a later date directly from your Private Area.

With contactless technology and enabled for Pagobancomat, Bancomat, Cirrus and Maestro circuits, it is issued free of charge and with no fees. It provides unlimited free transactions both in Italy and abroad for POS payments and 5 free cash withdrawal transactions per month in Italy and the EU using BANCOMAT/CIRRUS ATMs.

For financial and economic terms and conditions, please consult the key information sheet.

How to open the current account

You will need to have on hand:

  • Your personal details and an identify document;
  • Youtax code;
  • Any bank current account details (IBAN) from which to make a first identification wire transfer.

You can open a Rendimax Conto Corrente easily on-line in just a few steps.

Opening on-line

Fill in the launch wizard with your personal data. Complete the request by digitally signing the contractual documents. Then select the identification procedure.

Identification procedure

For completing the identification procedure, you can choose between two options:

  • By bank transfer on-line: make a bank transfer from another bank account in your name;
  • In person: go to one of our branches in Italy, bringing with you the print-out of the contract and documents, tax code and an ID.

Do you need any further help? Watch our video-guides Rendimax Conto Corrente Monointestato and Rendimax Conto Corrente Cointestato.

Looking for information or help?

Call the toll-free number 800 522 122 or (+39) 041 5027 646 if you are abroad.

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