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We take part in the social life of our communities. In a relationship of continuous dialogue with people and institutions, we carry out projects that can contribute to the development of more inclusive and collaborative communities, where diversity is a value and culture a tool for sustainable growth.

Our intent is to assist companies in a process of virtuous change, based on high ethical standards and the desire to fully exploit the potential of each one.

With Kaleidos, our Social impact lab we promote diversity and inclusion by carrying out projects with a high social impact that involve active dialogue with all stakeholders.

Attention to people’s needs goes hand in hand with the attention we place in defining a sustainable recovery model for the NPL business, to support the financial re-inclusion of families and those most in difficulty.

Without forgetting our Ifis People: we want to invest in the growth of a young and dynamic workforce.

Our commitments

Financial re-inclusion

We are committed to defining ethical NPL recovery model standards to facilitate the financial re-inclusion of individuals and families.


With our Social Impact Lab we promote projects with a high social impact for culture, health and the community in favour of all the Bank’s stakeholders.

Ifis People

We invest in the growth and development of our talents through training, inclusion programmes, smart-working and work flexibility.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Transparency, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities are values that are also applied at every stage of the Ifis People process. For this reason we are committed to guaranteeing that our Ifis People are treated with no distinction, exclusion or discrimination.


With our innovation laboratory that handles inclusion and diversity projects, we plan and implement initiatives of high social impact in three areas: culture, community, health and research.

Our sustainable finance initiatives

We are developing projects to support our customers’ sustainable lifestyles.

Our commitment to sustainable development

Our daily commitment to supporting the community helps us achieve global targets. For each target of our strategy, we have identified priority actions in line with the SDGs in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


SDG3 - Banca Ifis

SDG10 - Banca Ifis

SDG11 - Banca Ifis

We carry out diversity and social inclusion projects through Kaleidos, a Social Impact Lab focused on Culture and Territory, Inclusive Communities and People’s welfare.

Financial re-inclusion

SDG10 - Banca Ifis

We set the new market standard in supporting the financial re-inclusion of debtors: with an ethical model of recovery, access to credit, and support for vulnerable families.

Ifis People

SDG4 - Banca Ifis

SDG5 - Banca Ifis

We invest in the growth and development of a young and dynamic workforce: training, inclusion programmes, smart working and flexible working hours.

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