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Market Watch

Studying today’s market to build tomorrow. Our research department, also in cooperation with leading private and academic research centres, provides us with clear and timely insights into the economic-financial dimension and qualitative aspects of and on specific sectors and industries.

Banca Ifis oversees specific businesses that require a very high level of distinctive skills


SME Market Watch

Our regular reports on the world of SMEs

From production processes to design, maintenance to logistics, food to cars, and components to machinery: Banca Ifis has always analysed the world of SMEs in all its facets.

Banca Ifis is attentive to market trends and needs: this is how the Thematic Insights were born, studies carried out on special occasions to better understand territories, supply chains and economic phenomena.

The Market Watch of our projects

The Economy of Beauty

How much is Beauty worth in Italy? A study analysing two core elements of the Italian economy: enterprises that focus on Italian Beauty, and purpose-driven enterprises.

The Ecosystem of Cycling

The bicycle is a project of Italian excellence that plays a central role in the revolution of smart mobility. What are the characteristics of this market? What is the future forecast?

Observatory on the Italian Sport System

The first study to measure the economic dimension of every aspect of sport. Discover the Observatory on the Italian Sport System.

Impact Watch

What are the new trends in environmental and social sustainability? What are the prospects for the sustainable transition of SMEs? A unique analysis of present and future social and environmental scenarios.

Npl Market Watch

Our observatory on the world of NPLs

From Made in Italy production sectors to international supply chains, from regional economies to future trends: Banca Ifis has always analysed the world of SMEs.