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For those who appreciate the value of time.

Launched to make transactions with our customers easier and faster, it is a current account designed around the needs of businesses operating in Italy and in international markets. It is aimed at those who want to obtain cash elasticity via credit lines or short and medium-term loans.

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Transactions are secure
The private area and current account are accessible through three different keys: the customer code, the password you have chosen and the One Time Password, the temporary code generated from time to time with Secure Call

Your money is secure
Banca Ifis is a member of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund which guarantees up to EUR 100 thousand per customer and per bank. Please also note that, since 2 July 2015, the Italian Parliament has enacted a law introducing harmonised rules in all European countries to prevent and manage the crises of banks and investment firms (download the full bail-in document).

A business that has taken out loans or accessed credit lines with us has the option of easy access, bypassing standard operating and response times.

Each business may manage its own account independently from the “Utility” section of the private area. For help or information, please contact the nearest branch or our Customer Service line

How to open Ifis Impresa Conto Corrente

If you want to open an Ifis Impresa Conto Corrente, you can set up a meeting with one of our relationship managers and then sign the contract in person or using digital signature.

Looking for information or help?

Call toll-free number 800 522 122 or, from abroad, +39 041 5027 646. If you need a foreign currency current account, please contact the nearest branch.

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The advance payment of receivables makes a company stronger.

Advertising message for promotion purposes. For Ifis Impresa Conto Corrente contractual terms and conditions, please consult the key information sheet available at branches and in the Transparency section of the website