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Innovation and digitization at the heart of our strategy

Relations with customers, sales and management processes, ways of working: digital transformation affects all aspects of our business and becomes a strategic lever for growth.

76 million euros in Digital investments

Digital represents one of the four pillars of our 2022-2024 Business Plan, the “D” of DOES: over the next three years we will invest 76 million euros in digital technology, creating a dedicated team to accelerate innovation.

We focus on digital to increase our competitive advantage and grow at low costs, through many actions to expand the range of products on digital sales channels, improving the quality and effectiveness of our customer services and digitizing our processes.

In our solutions dedicated to SMEs, digital becomes increasingly more important for customer acquisition and relations, while in the NPL area we optimize portfolio management and credit recovery strategies thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence.

Banca Ifis is making investments in digitalization, one of the pillars of its growth plan, with the aim of improving the efficiency of processes and increasing its competitive advantage.

Fabio Lanza - Co-General Manager and Chief Operating Officer


We started a process focused on making core systems fully operational, designing the foundations for digital development and data governance.


We created the digital platforms that represent the pillars of multi-channel and multi-product transformation (such as myIfis or the Digital Selling Platform), building the first automation solutions based on artificial intelligence.


We continue to invest in digital drivers with a view to cross business and end-to-end processes, automation and data governance, in addition to greater attention to cyber security.

Cyber security, our priority

Technological developments in recent years have revolutionized the banking sector: from the transactions we all carry out online instead of going to the counter, to products and services based on the processing of personal information, to new ways of working. With increasing digitization, possible cyber incidents have increased, and not only of a technical nature: “cyber attacks” have grown in recent years, in both quantity and severity.

In this context, cybersecurity and data protection are becoming increasingly more strategic issues, and see us working hard to prevent accidents, constantly improving the information security level.

In that scenario, in order to raise the awareness of all its colleagues to the topic of cybersecurity, the Banca Ifis Group carried out multiple communications to alert recipients to the risks of the campaigns in progress. In addition, awareness campaigns on Group employees are ensured through specific actions to promote knowledge and awareness of the most recent cyber threats, providing up-to-date information on cyber protection and suggesting useful information to combat them.

We also use specific services, such as CERTFin (a public-private initiative to increase the IT risk management capacity of Italian financial operators) to receive real-time reports on fraud attempts in the banking sector.

From working methods to relations between colleagues, from training to career paths, the innovation culture permeates our organization. A decisive step was the launch of the Ifis Talent digital platform, which provides every employee with all the tools needed to manage their professional growth.

We have also renewed the Ifis4you intranet: from a simple gateway to documents and information, it has become a space for sharing news, accessing live-streaming events and multimedia content.

Smart working evolves: through MyIfiswork, we are implementing a new organizational method based on alternation between remote and face-to-face work and flexibility in the choice of working hours and spaces.

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We consider innovation a competitive lever: it makes us more flexible and agile and allows us to considerably improve the customer experience of our customers.

With myIfis, we have rationalized our portals in order to provide companies with a single access point for an enriched range of products and to carry out all operations in digital mode. We are digitizing sales processes to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and reduce operational risks.

In the NPL area, technology allows us to constantly improve the way we operate. We have created the PagaChiaro portal, where debtor families can monitor and pay their repayment plan in simple ways. We are implementing robotic tools (voice bots) in the subscription of repayment plans. Upstream, artificial intelligence helps us analyse large amounts of data, optimizing portfolio acquisition processes.

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