In order to ensure the utmost security of transmitted data and transactions, the website adopts SSL certificates technology. This technology makes it possible to constantly maintain the confidentiality of the information transmitted between the browser and the Banca IFIS systems.

Security tips

Here are some tips to be observed in order to avoid online scams and raise awareness about the potential risks you might be exposed to.

  • do not write the passwords you use on any media, paper or electronic;
  • do not communicate your passwords to anyone;
  • constantly check that the address of the web pages on which you operate begins with “https: //”;
  • pay attention to online scams: do not respond to suspicious e-mails (phishing), avoid downloading and executing any attached files and keep your antivirus program and the operating system of your computer up-to-date;
  • if possible, do not store your passwords on your browser and remember to update them often;
  • be wary of emails that contain generic messages requesting personal information and grammatical errors, unusual characters and very long links;
  • pay attention to the links and to where you click: passing the pointer over the link makes you have the indication of the real destination of the link;
  • pay close attention to the attachments contained in the emails: download only those expected and avoid unknown or executable file formats: .exe, .bat, .vb, .cmd, .reg.