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Tax Management

We have established internal guidelines and appointed a special team for uniform management of the tax needs of the Banca Ifis Group.

We consider integrity a fundamental value and this is why we work in compliance with tax regulations. We are certain of the importance of our role within the community in which we operate and are aware that tax revenue is one of the main sources of contribution to the economic and social development of Italy, the country in which we mainly carry out our business.

The Consolidated Financial Statements approved confirm the positive impact of the Banca Ifis Group for 2023, in which EUR 76 million in direct taxes were recorded, almost all of which in Italy.  In addition to these, there is the payment of withholding tax and contributions for over 1,900 employees.

From an operational point of view, we have created internal guidelines and a dedicated team for the standardised central management of the Banca Ifis Group‘s taxation to ensure the correct and timely payment of taxes and tax obligations.

For any issues of particular importance, we ask the opinion of external professionals or consult the competent financial administration through legally permitted procedures.

We guarantee full cooperation, transparency and fairness in our relations with the Tax Authorities and we undertake not to opt for aggressive tax practices and not to support third party tax avoidance models.