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Corporate Governance

Transparency, correctness, ethics and integrity are what our company culture is based on and constitute the principles of our Governance model.

Balance and transparency

Maintaining the right balance when sharing responsibility and powers is fundamental for correct governance.

Shareholders' Meeting

The Meeting was held on the 18th of April 2024

The Ifis model

In order to grow sustainably, we apply a governance model that generates value for shareholders managing the risks of the business and guaranteeing transparency and respect for the law.

Value for shareholders

Proper governance is the prerequisite for effective business management. Our governance system respects regulations and international best-practices.

Control of risks

With a central role in our organisation, the internal risks control system understands the rules, procedures and organisational structures guaranteeing that company conduct complies with the principles we believe in and the regulations.


We look after company projects and people. That is why we believe it is fundamental to provide – with reporting and documents – punctual, transparent communication on Group activities and their procedures.

Respecting the law

We ask whoever belongs to our team and anyone collaborating with us to behave correctly and transparently. We actively supervise daily work to guarantee compliance with regulations and with anything set forth in our Code of Ethics.