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Freedom to choose

Thanks to our leasing solutions, you will be able to access effective tools for making your daily business life easier.

Our experts are ready to offer you just what you are looking for meeting your requirements, steering you through the process of selecting the best motor vehicle leasing options.

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Vehicle leasing

Our vehicle leasing service is supported by a network of selected agencies, which operate reliably and knowledgeably across the entire country.

Specialist areas

Our experience in the sector means we can steer you towards finding the perfect solution to your needs, providing you with targeted advice.

Rapid response

We are committed to responding as rapidly as possible, providing you with further information regarding the services that most interest you.

Comprehensive service range

Using our expertise and preparation, we can offer you a wide range of products, ensuring customised solutionsfrom the standpoint of lease period, early purchase, purchase option and insurance and additional services.

Vehicle leasing

Choose the option for you

Our leasing options ensure customised proposals and you will always have a consultant on hand for the duration of the contract. In addition, if you have already located the car you want, you can now also request a quote online in just a few clicks.

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Advertising message for promotion purposes. For the contractual conditions of Vehicle Leasing, please consult the key information sheets or, for transactions up to EUR 75,000, the Standard European Consumer Credit Information, available in the Transparency section of the website