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Time Deposit

Your personalised high-yield investment

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The Time Deposit is a high-yield form of investment with a ‘tailor-made’ level of customisation. The investments are variable, the duration can be customised and, at maturity, you obtain repayment of the principal and interest payments. It is the ad-hoc solution designed and built around your company’s needs and expectations

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Customised yields

The deposit is remunerated for the duration of the bond at an interest rate agreed together before the contract is signed. At the natural maturity of the deposit, we return the initial amount and pay the accrued interest directly to the Ifis Impresa Conto Corrente account, which was opened before Time Deposit was activated. The return is tailored to your needs and depends on the capital, the duration of the bond and the type of solution chosen, i.e. Time Deposit Restricted or Time Deposit Flexible



Several Time Deposits can be opened at the same time, each with different constraints, characteristics, yields and duration (from a minimum of 2 months to 36 months renewable) with a minimum amount of 1 million Euro. The deposit can be of two different types and durations: Time Deposit Restricted and Time Deposit Flexible. The first, Time Deposit Restricted, does not provide for the possibility of early termination of bonds and the payment of interest is scheduled upon maturity of the bond while the second, Time Deposit Flexible, gives you the possibility of early release of sums with 33 calendar days’ notice


Even more secure

The Time Deposit is a solution that allows you to have a definite return, because it is not subject to stock market fluctuations or changes. The solidity of Banca Ifis is a guarantee with respect to return on investment and is evidenced by its CET1 well above the minimums set by the ECB.

Banca Ifis is also a member of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, which guarantees up to 100.000 Euro for each customer and bank. Furthermore, we would remind you that since 2 July 2015, the Italian Parliament has passed a law introducing harmonised rules for preventing and managing crises in banks and investment firms in all European countries.

Download the full document on Bail-in here

How it works

We meet

We schedule a get-to-know-you meeting and together define the amounts, characteristics and constraints of the investment

We reach an agreement

We customise your Time Deposit contract, activate the Ifis Impresa Conto Corrente account and sign contracts

All set, here we go!

We receive the sum to be restricted by bank transfer and the Time Deposit begins to bear interest from the agreed effective date of the deposit

Meeting in person

Time Deposit is a flexible and customisable investment, we design it together, based on your needs.

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