Salary or Pension-backed Loan and Debit Authorisation

Thanks to a salary-backed loan, you will be able to take advantage of a  fixed interest rate loan to meet your requirements, against simple and constant monthly repayments and with no need to tell us how you intend to use the loan.

The salary-backed loan option in Italy means that repayments are never higher than one fifth of salary or pension. It provides for repayment of the simple loan, without having to remember repayment due dates. In fact, your employer or Pension Institute is responsible for repayment, with a monthly deduction made directly from your pay cheque or from your pension benefit.

These are the people who can apply for a Salary or Pension-backed Loan:

  • State and private concern employees under permanent employment contracts;
  •  Retirees up to the age of 85.


The Salary or Pension-backed Loan guarantees you:

  • A fixed interest rate for the entire duration of the loan;
  • Constant repayment instalments over time;
  • No guarantor required;
  • Loan repayment instalments up to 120 months;
  • Sustainable repayment instalments that are proportionally fixed in relation to monthly salary or pension income (maximum 20%);
  • Option of renewing the loan early.

Debit Authorisation

Are you an employee and do you need an extra loan, in addition to the loan that you are already repaying as a Salary-backed Loan? Then the Debit Authorisation is the loan product for you.

You can get a salary Debit Authorisation loan in addition to a Salary-backed Loan. In this way, you will have additional cash available and will have repayments that may total 40% of your monthly net salary. Like the Salary-backed Loan, also the Debit Authorisation provides for a fixed interest rate, constant repayment instalments and a loan length between 24 and 120 months.

Employees of state and public administrations, who have NoiPA system access or who have entered into specific agreements with Capitalfin, may take advantage of special operating short-cuts facilitating the loan application procedure.

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