Awards and acknowledgments

We have received numerous awards in the Communication & IR, Business, ESG and Digital & Innovation categories. Read all about our successes and achievements.


Our commitment to sustainability has enabled us to obtain the following ESG acknowledgements.

The Karma Metrix Energy Efficient Website seal

We are the first Italian Bank to obtain the Karma Metrix Energy Efficient Website seal, a recognition that attests to the level of eco-sustainability of websites. The Banca Ifis website is below the global average of CO2 emissions, and the aim in the future is to further improve its ranking in line with the attention to and interest in the Group’s ESG criteria.

The most climate-conscious companies in 2022

Banca Ifis ranks among the most climate-conscious Italian companies according to Il Corriere della Sera and Statista. The ranking gives recognition to companies that have best reduced their CO2 emissions.

Winning Women Institute

We are the first Italian Bank to be certified as having obtained excellence in gender equality. The Winning Women Institute is an organisation committed to Gender Equality, of which it is the first Italian certifying body.


We have confirmed our leadership in our business areas obtaining important awards.

Credit Management & Collection Awards

Banca Ifis obtained the top prize, the “Credit Management & Collection Awards” for its excellent performance in the Credit Purchase Companies category. The bank was given the award for acquiring over 3.7bn euros worth of NPLs in 2021, thereby confirming its leadership in the sector and dynamic approach in the purchase and management of NPLs.

Banking Awards 2021

The Leasing division received an important recognition on the occasion of the Banking Awards 2021, an event held by Milano Finanza and Class CNBC. Banca Ifis was given the prestigious Best Banks #1 award for achieving the best result as a player operating in the Leasing field.

Credit Management & Collection Awards

Banca Ifis obtained the top prize, the “Credit Management Award” for its excellent performance in the Credit Purchase Companies category. The bank was given the award for acquiring over 2.9bn euros worth of NPLs in 2019, thereby confirming its leadership in the sector and dynamic approach in the purchase and management of NPLs. It also showed the ability to successfully carry out both small and large operations.

Communication & IR

Our institutional communication has enabled us to stand out, in our inward messages and relations with investors.

Italian Investor Relations Awards

Banca Ifis won the “Most Improved Company in Investor Relations – Small Cap” award.

This important recognition, received at the Italian Investor Relations Awards 2022 held by the international magazine Institutional Investor, confirms and recognises the excellence of the Group in terms of its relations with financial stakeholders and its communication with the market.

Banking Awards 2022

Banca Ifis received the Golden Lion at the Milano Finanza Banking Awards 2022 for the best institutional brand campaign in the banking sector for “The Value of Growing Together”. The commercial created on the occasion of the bank’s rebranding puts people first and foremost, conveying the desire to keep up with the times and expressing the Group’s contemporaneity, digitisation and inclusiveness.

Best Star Company

We are the first bank in Italy in digital communication in the “Webranking by Comprend” , the ranking that evaluates the communication transparency of the digital channels of the largest companies listed on the stock exchange. We have also been recognized as the best listed company in the Star Segment.

Best Improver 2020-2021 for Webranking

We have been awarded the title of “Best Improver 2020-2021” in the Italian “Webranking by Comprend” classification, which rewards the transparent communication of digital channels of key listed companies.

Best Improvers 2020 in the .trust report

Banca Ifis was one of the Top 3 “Best Improvers 2020” in the “.trust-listed Italy” report (+26.2 points compared to the previous edition) for its ability to create credible communication in the eyes of stakeholders.


We have received the “Mediastar – The Italian Advertising Technical Award”, obtaining first place in the audio-visual theme song category with the “Audio Brand” project and two special “Special Star” awards for the Internet section, for Creative Direction and Graphic design.

Intranet Italia Champions 2020

At the Intranet Italia Champions (IIC) 2020, Banca Ifis’ intranet was awarded as best case in Italy in the ‘Content’ category. The award is an annual recognition that Intranet Management and an international panel of industry experts assign to companies which have distinguished themselves for the innovation and functionality of their internal communication.

Digital & Innovation

Being digital is in our DNA. We have proved to be a digitisation and innovation world excellence.

Digital Star 2021/2022 – Finance

Banca Ifis is a company that stands out for its excellence in the world of digitalisation and innovation. This is attested by the third edition of the “Digital Stars 2021/2022” study drawn up by the German Quality and Finance Institute ITQF and its media partner La Repubblica – Business & Finance.