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Services for businesses and individuals

We operate at the service of the real economy, assisting companies in all their financial needs and offering “tailor-made” services to individuals.

Speed, simplicity and digital evolution: we know how to respond in the times required by the entrepreneur, we understand the needs of businesses, and we offer products and services to support small and medium-sized enterprises.

We believe in relations of trust: we have sales offices and advanced digital services. We like to get to know our customers and build continuous and stable relationships over time. Our sales staff are proactive and motivated: they speak the same language as the entrepreneurs and offer customised solutions.

In addition to corporate activities, we provide services for retail customers. In 2008 we launched the Rendimax high-yield online savings account, and later also the Rendimax current account. We have been active in consumer credit since 2018, with the Assignment of the Fifth part of the salary and pension, as well as the Delegation of payment with Cap.Ital.Fin.

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Commercial and Corporate Banking

Our four areas of business are:

We offer trade receivables services to companies operating in Italy and abroad. We support the operating cycle with services ranging from the optimisation of financing sources for working capital, to support for investments in production activities.We also provide specialised services to companies operating in the pharma sector:

    • We support companies that supply the National Health Service and to whom amounts are due and that want to protect themselves from the risk of late payment, by selling without recourse;
    • Banca Credifarma, controlled at 87.74% by Banca Ifis, is the first specialist provider of financial services to pharmacies.

Leasing: we offer financial leasing solutions (vehicle and capital goods) to small economic operators and SMEs;

Rental: Ifis Rental Services offers professionals and businesses rental solutions (capital goods and technology);

Structured Finance: support for companies and private equity funds in the structuring of financing, also in pools with other banks;

Special Situations: support for the financial rebalancing of companies that have overcome financial strain;

Equity Investments: equity investments in non-financial companies and investments in shares of intermediary organisations;

Financial Advisory: support for companies in extraordinary growth projects.

Under the Fastfinance brand we focus on operations associated with tax receivables; we collect direct and indirect taxes and tax receivables either performing or arising from insolvency proceedings. We also purchase trade receivables from insolvency proceedings.

We support SMEs with specialised credit solutions

Banca Ifis supports SMEs with specialised credit solutions: factoring, leasing, medium and long-term financing and corporate finance. We have a long track record in a variety of sectors: logistics and transport, medical, agricultural, manufacturing, construction and food. We operate both in Italy and abroad, particularly in Eastern Europe, where we are present through Ifis Finance Sp. Z. o.o. in Poland and Ifis Finance I.F.N. S.A. in Romania.

Our closeness to businesses and communities is a commitment that we aim to fulfil every day with concrete actions. The choices we make and, above all, the way we do banking, are driven by a desire to support the real economy.

Rosalba Benedetto - Group Communication, Marketing, Public Affairs & Sustainability Director

Credit but also business culture

Since 2016, we have carried out a number of innovative projects to spread business culture. Our aim is to support Italian SMEs not only with financial products and services, but also by telling the stories and raising the profile of the most virtuous companies that show us how business should be done today and tomorrow. What our experts say is the programme with which, in the words of our specialists, we update and inform companies about the products and opportunities that involve them. With PMIheroes, our podcast project, we talk about those customer companies that have distinguished themselves for the application, in their business, of some of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and that represent a tangible example of sustainable growth.

Retail activities

Our retail collection tools:

Rendimax Conto Deposito
It is a high-yield online solution for individuals and businesses launched on the market in 2008. It allows you to get high returns on your savings, with a secure and manageable account completely online. Rendimax Conto Deposito is the first savings account also designed for bankruptcy proceedings, with accounts available for receivers.

Rendimax Conto Corrente
It is the high-yield current account of Banca Ifis, launched in 2013: simple and low cost, it is a transparent savings tool which allows to carry out online transactions with maximum security.

We entered the consumer credit sector in 2018, acquiring 100% of Capitalfin, a financial broker specialising in salary/pension backed loans. Capitalfin is also active in payment authorisation.

Through Ifis Rental Services we also offer technology rental solutions to private customers.