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Are you ready to give it your all? Here are some useful tips to bring out your potential!

How to join Banca Ifis

We are looking for bright, independent people who can accept challenges, grow and improve the world.

These are the hallmarks of true #IfisPeople.

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Step by step advice

How can apply

Everyone can apply for positions at Banca Ifis. Depending on the type of profile we are looking for, we consider various aspects such as high motivation, resourcefulness and autonomy. We generally reply to the applications we receive that are most in line with the profile we are seeking within a couple of weeks.

How we choose an Ifis People

The ducational background of applicants is also important to us. A law degree is more likely to be preferred over another for a position in the legal and litigation department, or a degree in economics and statistics for the world of finance and credit assessment. For senior positions, previous experience in the field can also be a plus.

Why and when to apply

Apply for one or more vacancies that suit you and which you can see yourself in; or if you don’t find one, send us your CV as a spontaneous application and we will read your profile. We like the spirit of initiative, but also the ability to objectively read the matching of requirements. And please note that your data is saved in our database for a period of 24 months, in compliance with the privacy legislation.

On the day of the interview

On the day of the interview, we advise you to look professional. Formal attire always makes a good impression. If (as sometimes happens) you have already been for an interview and have not been recruited, don’t worry, you can apply again! 

The recruitment team

Keep their faces in mind: they are our human resources team that will support you throughout the recruitment process until onboarding at Banca Ifis.

Giorgia Vangelista

For more than 13 years at Banca Ifis, he has been responsible for the Talent Acquisition & Development Team.

Ornella Benvenuti

She has worked in the HR department of Banca Ifis for 17 years and is responsible for the Recruitment Team.

Valentina Manente

She is our Recruiter in the world of Tech and Sales.

Martina Fugazza

She is our Recruiter for the world of NPL and our subsidiaries.

Desirée Bertana

She is our Recruiter in the area of Staff&Governance.