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Non Performing Loan Management

Pioneers and investors in the NPL market in Italy, we are active in both purchasing and management of non-performing loan portfolios.

We are one of the main players on the Italian NPL market and leader in the unsecured small ticket segment. From 2011 to date, we have purchased over EUR 24.6 billion impaired loans (nominal value), recovering over EUR 1 billion in cash from the servicing of proprietary loans.

We build our competitive leverage on the combination of purchasing power and management/conversion of non-performing loans. The acquisition of servicer, FBS, in 2019, allowed us to combine our classic skills in the unsecured segment, with consolidated expertise in corporate & secured, creating a single integrated operator for managing all asset classes.

We operate in the NPL market with responsibility and in compliance with our ethical values, with a view to financial inclusion, offering sustainable repayment plans to businesses and families.

Ifis Npl Investing is the company dedicated to NPL portfolio purchasing and due diligence, with the aim of creating value for customers, for the market and for the entire banking system.

Ifis Npl Servicing  specialises in the management of proprietary and third-party portfolios, defining the most opportune recovery strategies, with the aim of providing customers with sustainable repayment plans for their exposure.

NPL Meeting 2022: when it comes to investments, we need to be “future proof.” These are times characterized by some relatively “new” variables and a high degree of uncertainty that requires discipline and accurate predictive analysis.

Katia Mariotti - Chief NPL Officer

NPL Market Watch

We are an opinion leader on the non performing loan market in Italy. Our Research Office, through NPL Market Watch, identifies and explains the main market trends in a six-monthly report. The report identifies any non-performing loan market trends, comparing data and opinions from the main sector operators, with a view to providing a comprehensive overview of the market context and its primary players.

NPL portfolio purchasing

We are a primary investor on the Italian NPL market.

We select, evaluate and purchase unsecured non-performing loan portfolios. We are an integral part of all selling processes operating within the market, with the aim of consolidating our leadership in the relevant asset class and by progressively expanding our investment activity to the corporate & secured segment, also through partnership with servicers or niche investors, as well as hiring specialist teams.

Banca Ifis is confirmed as the counterparty of choice in the purchase of impaired loans, thanks to the great care it takes over the selection of assets and its ability to extract value from NPL portfolios at different stages of the credit cycle.

Chief NPL Officer

NPL portfolio management

We convert the largest number of assets to re-performing status, thanks to the various recovery channels and our ten-year know-how based on professionalism, ethics, ability to manage and process a large quantity of data and documents and technological innovation.

We prioritize financial re-inclusion

As stated in our Business Plan 2022-2024, we are strengthening our model of ethical recovery, offering debtors the option to arrange and manage affordable repayment plans. Our aim is to facilitate the financial re-inclusion of individuals and families as much as possible, with particular attention to the most vulnerable categories. This is a priority for a bank like ours, which aims to operate with maximum integrity and have a positive impact on the real economy. 

The integrity of our agents' conduct

Debt collection has a strong social impact and, for this reason, all our conduct – internal and that of our agent network – complies with standards of ethical correctness.

We verify the correctness of the approach, sometimes by monitoring calls, which are separate from “phone collection” calls.

We contact all customers who have successfully closed their debt exposure, thanks to proposed repayment plans and, on a sample basis, also customers, with whom an agreement has not been reached, to verify correctness and integrity of network operator behaviour .

We have a constant open ear for taking on board the issues and needs expressed by network operators.

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