I for “Impatto” (Impact)

Market Watch

We believe that success is built on informed choices. For this reason, our Research Department works to provide a clear interpretation of economic-financial dynamics and market trends. We cater for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to better understand the economic scenario in which to build a solid future.

Banca Ifis oversees specific businesses that require a very high level of distinctive skills.

Frederik Geertman, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Ifis

SME Market Watch

Our regular reports on the world of SMEs

Our Research Department, in collaboration with private and academic research centres and using the most advanced technological tools available, describes and analyses markets, sectors and phenomena, offering information and interpretations useful for understanding the economic-productive situation in Italy.

The Impact Watch is Banca Ifis’ Observatory dedicated to the aspects and trends of sustainable transition, with a particular focus on the path of SMEs.

Before a journey in the world of SMEs took the 2021 year and involved eleven topics and the interviewing of over 500 companies every month to tell about the new strategic and organisational measures put in place following the impact of the health and economic crisis on the market, generating new business models in the process.

A close eye on specific sectors to understand their evolution, anticipate developments and intuit the opportunities they have to offer. The sectoral analyses of our Research Department have proven invaluable for all operators in the supply chains and a reliable way to discover the riches and best qualities of the Italian economy.

NPL Market Watch

Our observatory on the world of NPLs

A complex market such as that of non-performing loans requires knowledge, specific analyses and predictive ability that only a player active in the sector for many years such as Banca Ifis can claim to have. This is why we were the first to approach this market through our NPL Market Watch which regularly contributes to the dissemination of key data for interpretation of the sector and of its processes and performance.