Business model

Banca Ifis operates in the Italian banking landscape, as an active player in specialty finance.

We are present in niche market segments which are highly profitable, where we have proven management skills and exclusive know-how, and in which we are established and recognised. Our business model is robust, profitable and sustainable over time. It is built on the following pillars: specialisation and diversification.

  • Specialisation in financial services provided to businesses in the purchase and management of non performing loans assures us a competitive advantage: our strength is our ability to play a leading role, thanks to a strong track record;
  • Diversification ensures stability, meaning business risk is mitigated.

The following diagram provides an overview of the main features of our business model:

Competitive positioning

Commercial and corporate banking

We were incorporated as a specialist factoring operator and we have a solid competitive positioning in corporate services, providing tailor-made solutions to businesses.
We are the fourth largest Italian factoring operator in terms of revenue, holding a market share of 5.7%, and we have a market share of 1.8% in finance and capital goods leasing. We also specialise in corporate advisory, for corporate acquisition transactions,
 M&A and secured or unsecured medium/long-term loans, intended for industrial investments.
We have a division entirely dedicated to
 tax receivables business, an important foothold in financial services for pharmacies, through Credifarma, and we manage invoice discounting in dealings with the Italian Public Administration. We have gained specific expertise in creditworthiness recognition of SMEs, which makes us the market benchmark. To date, we can boast around 100,000 business customers.

To find out more, visit the Corporate and personal banking services page.


Operating in this market since 2011, today, we are the fourth largest operator in terms of volumes managed, with EUR 24.4 billion assets under management. We are leader in the unsecured bad loan segment.
We operate as a primary investor and own one of the best
 servicers active on a national scale, with management platforms for proprietary debt collection and that for third parties. Our main competitive advantage lies in the combination of purchasing power and management of NPL portfolios, with a proprietary database of over 1.3 million debtors.

To find out more, visit the Non Performing Loans Management page.


Our Business Plan

Unveiled in January 2020, our 2020-2022 business plan can be summed up in two words: transparency and sustainability.

  • Transparency with respect to the market: this is the reason we have analysed competitive positioning, capital allocation and business unit costs;
  • Sustainability: this is the reason, in coming years, profits will come increasingly more from management services and progressively less from non-operating transactions.

The cornerstones of our plan are based on strengthening core businesses.

  • Commercial and corporate banking: we expect to increase our scope of activities the small and medium-sized enterprises segment, thanks to new investments in digital innovation, a marketing and communications strategy directed towards enhancing Banca Ifis brand awareness and by leveraging a comprehensive business product and service range. We have integrating products and services for Small and Micro Enterprises and new corporatesolutions for Medium-sized Enterprises, and the continued evolution of our distribution and operating model will allow us to expand our customer base even in areas where we currently have a less consolidated but offer great potential.
    We are also working on a digital platform that groups all our services under one, technologically advanced but user-friendly, allowing businesses to execute transactions independently;
  • NPL: in the medium term, we will continue to purchase unsecured loans and we will expand the features of purchased portfolios in the secured and corporate segment, actively participating in all purchasing processes. At the same time, we are working to improve the recovery process of bad loans, thanks to strong investments in digital and artificial intelligence.
    In the long term, from 2023 onwards, when it is estimated that NPL purchases will be most impacted by calendar provisioning, we will be in a position to create a series of securitisation vehicles. We will thus be able to attract co-investors, while maintaining a leading player role, converting the effects of the new regulatory measures into opportunities.