Sustainability at Banca Ifis

We work on a local level alongside small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in Italy. We always integrate sustainability and corporate strategy to create value in the medium to long term for our stakeholders.

Our commitment is based on

Ifis integrity

We are always committed to ensuring the quality of our results and encourage virtuous behaviour on the part of our employees and network of agents.

Ifis customers

We support entrepreneurship and promote financial inclusion. The customer always comes first and foremost.

Ifis people

People play an essential part in all our activities. We promote the value, professional development and well-being of all our employees.

Ifis responsibility

We create value for the territories in which we operate, through initiatives that benefit the community and the environment.

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Key figures



of non-compliance with regard to transparency in 2019


percentage of women employees

millions of euros

amount set aside for socially useful products and services in 2019


We support and respect the environment through specific initiatives. We are constantly engaged in five areas: the lowering of emissions, electric mobility, separate waste collection, dematerialisation and reduced use of plastics.

Strategy sustainability goals and priority actions

The Banca Ifis Sustainability strategy inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs).

Since it was first established, the Banca Ifis Group has been highly committed to achieving goals contributing to developing the Bank, its stakeholders and the Country. It is convinced that Sustainability is not just activities to be implemented and reported, but an alternative way of doing business, paying attention to economic development and its influence on the environment, stakeholders and communities.

Approval by the UN in 2015 of Agenda 2030 and the relative 17 Sustainable Development Goals enabled identification of how the company strategy already adopts some of the commitments formalised by the UN. So the Bank strengthened its commitment in the direction indicated by Agenda 2030 and set the goals of its 2020/2022 Business Plan, also based on the contribution they can bring to achieving 5 specific SDGs. These general goals are flanked by specific projects, programs, products to sustain some SDGs right now:

Support for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises through access to financial services (SDG 8.3); in both ordinary operations and through special projects like #CoraggioImprese that offers companies suitable financial instruments to increase or convert, in full or partially, production on goods that are a useful way to overcome the Covid-19 health emergency.

  • Help with SME access to financial services and their integration in the value chains and markets (SDG 9.3);
  • “Factor I” program to promote inclusive, sustainable industrialisation (SDG 9.2).
  • In calamities, substantial reduction in direct economic losses (SDG 11.5) through facilitated loans for Venetian companies affected by the consequences of Covid-19;
  • Reduction of the negative impact of the quality of air in towns (SDG 11.6) with Ifis Leasing Green. The financial support of Banca Ifis enables customer companies to add hybrid and electric cars to their vehicle fleets, contributing to a reduction in air pollution in towns.

Contribute to reducing the problem of a lack of drinking water and use of renewable energies (SDGs 6.4, 7.2) with the #ifisgreen program projects.

With the pages dedicated to Sustainability on the new website and with the Non Financial Statement, the Bank provides proof of the sustainable practices adopted and integrates information on sustainability in its periodical reports (SDG 12.6).

The Materiality Analysis developed in the NFS highlighted how a number of subjects included in the list of 17 SGDs are “core” ones for the Bank.

In particular, subjects indicated in the Materiality Analyses as worthy of maximum relevance for both the Bank and its stakeholders, and the purpose of specific initiatives, include:

Subject highlighted in the Materiality Analyses of Banca Ifis

SDG Reference

Fight against corruption

SDG 16.5: Peace, justice and strong istitution

Digital innovation

SDG 17: Partnership for the goals

Support for entrepreneurs and financial inclusion

SDG 10.2: Reduced inequalities


Our relations with stakeholders are based on transparency and dialogue.

Strategy and future goals

In its 202-2022* Business Plan, Banca Ifis has identified a number of activities for more effective achievement of the UN SDGs identified as core in its strategy. In particular, in the Plan period Banca Ifis will be committed to:

  • Enhancing and improving support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, facilitating their access to a wider range of financial services and supporting their integration in the value chains and markets;
  • Introducing special “green” financial products and programs in its market action and offer to customers, to support activities and investment for the eco-sustainability of company activities;
  • Reducing its direct environmental impact by using energy coming 100% from certified renewable sources in all its offices;
  • Promoting initiatives aimed at employees and stakeholders to develop behaviour and a “plastic free” company culture.


*In the light of the exceptional situation resulting from the Covid-19 global pandemic, and given the uncertainty of how the emergency will evolve and its impact in the next few months, the Banca Ifis Board of Directors has considered suspending the economic and financial targets included in the 2020-2022 Business Plan, which will be reviewed and updated as soon as the macroeconomic environment stabilises.

Antonella Pinto

Sustainability Manager
Tel: +39 02 7731 245