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Sustainability Committee

Through the presence of the Sustainability Committee, Banca Ifis confirms its commitment to promoting sustainable development as a key value creation and development driver, which looks at the impacts on people, the environment and communities.

The Sustainability Committee supports the important work the Bank has carried out to integrate ESG criteria into its mission and business model.

The Committee assists the Board of Directors in strategic planning activities, with the aim of defining the most relevant projects and creating a corporate culture of teamwork to achieve this great common goal.

Duties and functions

The main duties of the Committee are:

  • Support the Board of Directors in strategically addressing ESG issues.
  • Integration of ESG in the Business Plan.
  • Functions of an investigative, propositional and consultative nature on initiatives, partnerships and training in ESG issues.
  • Annual preparation of a schedule of its projects.
Sustainability Committee Members

Sustainability Committee



Ernesto Fürstenberg Fassio

Deputy Chairman

Simona Arduini

Chief Executive Officer

Frederik Geertman

Chief of Chairman Staff | Chief Communications, Marketing, Public Affairs & Sustainability Officer*

Rosalba Benedetto

Group Legal and Corporate Affairs Director*

Lucia Martinoli

Co-General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer*

Raffaele Zingone

Chief NPL Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Ifis Npl Investing S.p.A.*

Katia Mariotti

Human Resources Director*

Mauro Baracchi

*Directly reporting to the Chief Executive Officer

**The Chairman has the authority to invite the Co-General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, the Bank’s corporate officers and managers listed below (each for their respective areas and projects), and third-party consultants with expertise in ESG issues to meetings.