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Our factoring solutions to provide liquidity for your business

Factoring is a financial solution by which a company transfers its trade receivables to the Bank (factor), obtaining in return the liquidity needed to sustain its business.

We are by your side

Through our factoring service, we offer you the benefit of our expertise in order to meet your financial and management requirements. Here’s how:


We evaluate the commercial portfolio of the customer company


We evaluate the commercial portfolio of the customer company


We administer and manage the receivables


We administer and manage the receivables


We can advance payment of receivables, prior to their due-by date


We can advance payment of receivables, prior to their due-by date


We assist you during the credit recovery phase and ensure that everything goes smoothly


We assist you during the credit recovery phase and ensure that everything goes smoothly

Who are the main players in the factoring process?

  • The assigned debtor: the party who has a receivable due from another counterparty and who transfers it to the factor;
  • The factor (assignee): The bank or other specialist operator that ​manages and finances the trade receivables sold it by the​​ company, having evaluated their merit and the financial status of the debtors
  • The assigned debtor: the company with which the transferor has an ongoing supply contract and which is required to pay the receivable transferred to the factor.

Factoring is for you if...

You supply other businesses

You have ongoing supply relationships, or offer services to other companies

You work with the Public Administration

You have contracts with public and state bodies

You apply IAS/IFRS or US GAAP accounting standards

With the system of outright purchase, you can assign the receivables on your balance sheet

You have contracts with the National Health Servic

You are a major supplier to hospital companies

You are active in the import/export market

You are a company that has business relationships with foreign companies

The advance payment of receivables makes a company stronger

To achieve better strength in terms of working capital, and provide ​support​ during particular stages, such as entry into new markets.

You can increase your business volume, thanks to the possibility of divesting unexpired loans, freeing up financial resources for the development and growth of the business.

Increase the speed of circulation of working capital by ​​reducing​​ cash flow and cutting the financial requirements of the business.

A ​​specialist operator takes control​​ of the company’s credit portfolio and its management, allowing the transferor company to outsource these operations.

The reasons for choosing us


We will contact you within 24 working hours


Tailor-made plan, and support for the growth of your business


We offer the convenient option of managing all the paperwork online​

What are our solutions?

We help companies that work with other businesses or with the Public Administration. We have the expertise to optimise relations between a company and its customers, with tailor-made solutions. Let’s see what these are:

Give us your trade receivables. We will see to the management and collection of these receivables ​and​​ advance you the equivalent sum​.

Combining a recourse factoring solution with a guarantee by the Central Guarantee Fund protects the financing under the terms of current legislation.

It combines credit management, collection and financing with the protection from the risk of insolvency of your customers. We assume the risk of non-payment of the assigned debtor within a contractually defined amount.

A particularly useful solution for medium/large companies that want to protect themselves from the risk of insolvency by their customers, and to obtain advance payments on receivables at an agreed date and price by transferring their ownership to the factor.

In this case, you can obtain financing through the advance of receivables that will arise from contracts already entered into with your customers.

We at Banca Ifis guarantee payment of the transferred receivable at maturity, offering the assigned debtor the opportunity to obtain a further payment extension of the original receivable.

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Looking for information or assistance?

We are present throughout Italy: we can arrange an appointment to visit you at your company and show you our factoring and financing solutions.

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