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Banca Ifis and Proel, partners in the financial market of today and tomorrow

Proel has a long track record in the music, installation and entertainment industry. The company started out with a team of 6 people which has now grown to 109. Fabrizio Sorbi, the President and CEO of Proel, explained how his company saw the light and has grown over the years.

Today we are a structured company with a clear vision of the international markets and a very strong focus on digitisation. Our target sectors are: musical instruments, installations and rental companies, i.e. those companies that then rent out the equipment for big concerts and events.

We are present in about 80 countries around the world and 70 per cent of our turnover comes from the export market. Our growth has also been reflected in our factory; over the years it has grown from 200 square metres to an area of about 30,000 square metres with an adjoining integrated logistics department.

How many years have you been a customer of Banca Ifis? And how has factoring helped you?

If it had been up to me, we would have been your customers from the very start. I have been working in the markets for several years and I can confirm that the perception of Banca Ifis is very good. The people I have met so far and the comments I’ve heard have always led me to believe your institute to be both professional and transparent.

For one reason or another we had never met before, but over the past year and a half the conditions have developed for us to be able to work together on a wide-ranging project based on the company’s needs and our future vision in the market at a financial level.

We see Banca Ifis as a true partner; we have been given the answers we were looking for in all aspects of both operations and evolving needs, and we are growing together.

What are your future plans?

Our future goal is to grow organically in the Italian market, while also qualitatively selecting our customers and working together with you to optimise our cash flows.