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Financing Import/Export

Liquidity to support your international business

For those who operate in the international market, we offer a range of ​​short-term solutions​​ in the form​ ​of advance payment of export receivables ​​and ​financing for imports​: all designed to support the needs of your business and your relationships with foreign customers and suppliers.

export factoring

Advance payment of export receivables

Through the system of advance payment of export receivables, your company can request financing both for receivables already invoiced, and future receivables related to a foreign customer. Payment can either be made in Euros or in any convertible foreign currency.

When can you request advance payment of export rec

Export contracts

The advance is paid at the supply stage, before the export actually takes place. Once the invoice is issued and the goods are shipped, the advance on the contract becomes an advance on exports already made, or it is settled directly using the income from abroad, in the case of payment on delivery.

Export invoices

If goods have already been exported (or services rendered), and invoices with deferred payment have already been issued, settlement is usually made when the requisite sum is received from abroad.​

Exports expected

The amount to be paid in advance is determined on the basis of the quantity of exports previously made. The bank lender is subsequently reimbursed directly when payment is made for the exported goods.

Import financing

Import financing helps supports your company in its import operations.
This solution helps you close the gap between disbursement and income, allowing your company to manage its finances more easily. So at the time payment is due abroad, your company’s current account will not be debited, instead payment will be covered by a fixed-term loan agreed with the Bank.

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