Our story

A story of success and growth.

Established in 1983 as an operator specialised in factoring, we have been able to grow and evolve to seize market opportunities.

The transformation into a Bank, the listing on the Stock Exchange, the diversification of sources of funding, the entering into the NPL and acquisitions sector, which have supported our growth, have all been fundamental to our path of evolution, allowing us to attain a unique position in the financial landscape in Italy. 

We have transformed ourselves by remaining faithful to our values relating to innovation, speed and strength.


I.Fi.s, Istituto di Finanziamento e Sconto, was established in Genoa as a financial intermediary mainly for the acquisition of trade receivables and the provision of financing in the form of factoring.


Ifis became a Bank and joined Factor Chain International to operate on a global level, after opening its branches in Romania and Poland.


Banca Ifis was admitted to listing on the MTA (Mercato Telematico Azionario) of the Milan Stock Exchange.


One year after its listing, Banca Ifis was admitted to the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, dedicated to medium-sized companies with requirements of excellence.


To diversify its sources of funding, Banca Ifis launched Rendimax, the high-yield online savings account.


Banca Ifis entered the NPL market, which would become one of the pillars of its business. The first step was the acquisition of Toscana Finanza, which would later become the Group’s NPL area.


Banca Ifis significantly strengthened its activities at the service of businesses with the acquisition of GE Capital Interbanca. The group entered the new business segments of corporate banking, leasing, medium-term lending and structured finance.


Continua la progressione nell’ambito dei NPL: diventa operativa a tutti gli effetti Ifis Npl, che accoglie lo scorporo dell’area NPL di Banca Ifis.

Il percorso di crescita per acquisizioni conosce un’accelerazione: entrano a fare parte del Gruppo la società di credito al consumo Capitalfin, specializzata nella cessione del quinto dello stipendio/pensione e Credifarma, specialista del credito alle farmacie.

Progress in the NPL area continued: Ifis Npl S.p.A. became fully operational and welcomed the spin-off of the NPL area of Banca Ifis.

The path of growth through acquisitions accelerated: Capitalfin, a consumer credit company specialising in salary/pension backed loans and Credifarma, a specialist in loans to pharmacies, joined the Group.


There was further strengthening in the NPL area with the acquisition of FBS (today Ifis Npl Servicing), an independent Italian servicer. This made it possible to consolidate the role of an integrated player active throughout the entire impaired loans chain, from the purchase of portfolios to management.

In April 2019 the Board of Directors and management were elected.


In June 2020 Banca Ifis renewed its image as part of a rebranding project that combined digital innovation and sound identity with the creation of a logo sound brand. The new payoff of the multi-channel communication campaign is “The value of growing together”.

In November, Farbanca became part of the Banca Ifis Group. The purchase of 70.77% of the company is of great strategic value because it allows Banca Ifis to consolidate its market position and form important synergies with the subsidiary Credifarma, creating the first integrated operator specialised in financial services for pharmacies.


On 1 January, the NPL area underwent a corporate reorganisation with the creation of a vertical chain aiming to guarantee the separation and independence of loan acquisitions and collections.

On 22nd April 2021 Frederik Geertman becomes the new Chief Executive Officer of the Group.

Our growth path

As part of the Group’s continual growth, constantly strengthened by its presence in reference markets, over the years Banca Ifis has finalised several mergers and acquisitions.

Each transaction was an opportunity for Banca Ifis to consolidate its leadership in its reference sectors, integrating its patrimony of expertise, professionalism and experience.

In 2011, with the Public Offer for Toscana Finanza Banca Ifis entered the non-performing loan market, conquering leadership in the unsecured retail segment. In 2016, by purchasing Ge Capital formerly Interbanca, the Group widened its horizons and joined new business segments like corporate banking and structured finance, leasing, rental and medium-term lending.

In 2018 it purchased 70% of Credifarma S.p.A., holding company of reference for pharmacies, established in 1987 based on an idea of Federfarma.

That same year, it completed its acquisition of Cap.Ital.Fin. S.p.A, a company specialised in salary and pension-backed personal loans. Thanks to this transaction, Banca Ifis joined the CQS (salary-backed loan) market.

In January 2019, it finalised acquisition of FBS S.p.A., then to become Ifis Npl Servicing. This transaction made it possible to consolidate its role as an integrated player active throughout the entire non-performing loans market, strengthening its investment and management structures. Starting in January 2021, the two companies Ifis Npl Investing and Ifis Npl Servicing, respectively, will be dedicated to the two specialisations.

On 27 November 2020, the acquisition of 70.77% of the share capital of Farbanca S.p.A. allowed Ifis to strengthen its commercial presence in the pharmacy sector, reaching over 4,700 client pharmacies and acquiring a market share of 26%, thanks to the combination of Credifarma and Farbanca.