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One Group, one big team

Ensuring a good work-life balance is essential for us. We always seek to put our people at the heart of every project.

Flexibility and Smartworking

For us, efficiency and skills are not tied to a physical location.

Smart working allows for work planning that responds to the personal needs of Ifis People. People must be free to choose how best to combine activities at their own pace.

This way of working improves the work-life balance of our people and responds to the needs of the new generations.

We want to allow people to manage their work, combining personal and family needs, without missing out on the valuable element of ‘live’ exchange. People are Banca Ifis’s greatest asset; their balance is our balance.

Mauro Baracchi, Human Resources Director


In April 2022, we entered a new organizational phase based on alternating between remote and face-to-face working. It allows employees flexibility in their choice of working hours and space to pursue their activities and is based on mutual trust and responsibility.

The following new measures have been introduced:

A new code of "Netiquette"

ideas and advice that encourage an effective approach to work, respecting the space and time of every worker.

Agile Work

All employees will be able to use smart working up to a maximum of 10 days a month.

Smartworking for parents

For parents with children up to the age of 10, there may be 12 days a month.

Smartworking programming

Employees can come to an agreement with their manager about which days they work remotely.

Smartworking for future moms

Expectant mothers are entitled to do all their work remotely from the 5th month of pregnancy onward.

Flexible times

Employees can come into the office at flexible times from 8:00-10.30 am, depending on the needs of their particular office, and can make up for fewer/extra hours worked during the week in question.

Faces from #IfisPeople

Who are the Ifis People? Get to know our people and learn more about the aspects of the job that best reflect their interests, ambitions and challenges within the Bank.

The events dedicated to Ifis People

Many appointments and community-building initiatives, including the brand ambassador project, that because each of us is an important part of the face of Banca Ifis.

Road Show

All Ifis People attended the first Banca Ifis Road Show organised in five cities. Five events where CEO Frederik Geertman and the Bank’s managers shared results, guidelines and future plans.

Meet your Accelerator

This format created in cooperation with Obiettivo Cinque, promotes gender equality and the creation of social value through opportunities for meeting and sharing with leading figures from the worlds of business, academia and finance.

Health Cloud

A series of digital events on health and prevention in which professors and specialists from the Italian medical-scientific world, coordinated by Prof. Rigo (Director of the Department of Coordination of the Cardiovascular Function AULSS 3 Serenissima) provide Ifis People with clear information on major health issues, understood in the broadest sense, reinforcing the concept of prevention.

4 Weeks 4 Inclusion

The Group was among the first signatories and partners of 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, the largest inter-company event dedicated to inclusion for some years involving over 300 companies. An extensive programme of digital events to enhance the themes of diversity and inclusion together, dedicated to Ifis People and beyond.

Ifis Talks

A series of short virtual training meetings with exceptional testimonials, inspired by TED Talks.

Ifis Cappuccino

Short virtual live breakfasts with various members of the Group’s management team who will discuss the most important topics for the Bank.

Projects dedicated to Ifis People

Wellbeing with Fitprime

For people’s well-being, Banca Ifis provides Fitprime services: access to thousands of sports centers, hundreds of activities, digital workouts and nutritional advice, all in one platform.

Ifis Ambassador Program

Ifis People are at the heart of the story of the Bank’s values and activities, a commitment reaffirmed with the launch of the Ifis Ambassador Programme. This initiative involves several colleagues in the Bank’s communication and promotion activities.

Good Morning Ifis, and Good Evening Ifis

A daily newsletter to inform all employees about of the main national and international news of the day, every morning and evening.

Women’s prevention open day with Welfare Care

Banca Ifis has organised breast cancer prevention days in the Group’s five main offices, with free screening activities for around 700 employees.  The project aims to raise prevention awareness among the female corporate population. The opportunity was also extended to employees’ families.


An online consultancy service for Group employees. A dedicated platform allows each employee to build their own wellness experience with the professional best suited to their needs and goals, choosing from a nutritionist, psychologist, sports coach, anti-smoking therapist and counsellor for parents and caregivers.

Complimentary tickets for the Ifis People

The Bank offers employees complimentary tickets to games and events at the Mediolanum Forum to enjoy Sampdoria, Vero Volley, Lega Basket, and Reyer or to participate in events organized by the FAI.

Internal contests for Ifis People

We create photo contests, intranet gaming for important sponsorships (Sampdoria, Venice Biennale), and home gifts for holidays and birthdays to maintain involvement and participation also remotely. We use live streaming extensively for digital events related to Christmas and significant projects.

Flash Cyber News

We have created a new internal newsletter, ‘Flash Cyber News’ to help Ifis People become aware and keep up-to-date on the main Cyber Security issues. Each month, it turns the spotlight on the latest cyberattacks and the commonest cybercrime activities.

Ifis People and sport

At Banca Ifis, we promote sport with many internal activities as a vehicle for positive values and a tool to support local areas. These events involve our people and bear witness to the determination, tenacity, curiosity and team spirit that characterises the world of sport and our Bank’s commitment.

The Banca Ifis cycling team is a close-knit group that in 2022 took part in the famous Gran Fondo ‘Strade Bianche’ in Siena and ‘Il Lombardia’ in Cantù, which despite the rain, generated huge excitement.

The employees participating in the Gran Fondo’s sent a strong message of commitment and social responsibility, which, on a bicycle or in life, is expressed through respect for people, the environment and our neighbours.

All the km travelled on bikes by our ‘champions’, together with the thousands of supporting interactions from colleagues on the company intranet – like a photo, videos, news – led to a donation to the Foundation Michele Scarponi, onlus which creates and finances projects on education for correct behaviour on the road, respect for the rules and others.

The Bank organised the first Padel tournament for Ifis People, who competed in pairs in four groups. It culminated in the well-attended final, with the winners receiving their awards from Alberto Billio, assistant coach of Umana Reyer Basket.

Football-loving Ifis People participate in the annual Social Goal Tournament in Milan. The project also has a strong social impact with the proceeds going entirely to organising sports and social programmes for children in difficulty.

For the second consecutive year, Ifis People participated in the Venice Marathon, the biggest running event in the Venice lagoon area. Fifty-four colleagues from different regions of Italy participated, united and enthusiastic, in a day of sport and togetherness.