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People, digitisation and skills

The pillars for a bank tailor-made for SMEs.

Our business and your value

Our work is at the service of the real economy. We are a challenger bank with a difference: we assist companies in all their financial needs (trade credit, leasing, corporate and investment banking, tax credits) and offer services for managing the savings of private individuals. We are also pioneers, investors and managers in the NPL market in Italy.

Inclusive and sustainable culture

Inclusion and sustainability are the foundation of all our activities. We form strategic partnerships, valuing our country. We help in the development of communities, working alongside people and companies.

Valuing the country

We support Italian SMEs not only through our financial products and services, but also by writing about and promoting businesses in our territory.

People at the heart of the Business Plan

People are at the heart of the new “D.O.E.S.” Business Plan of Banca Ifis, which envisages new recruits, of which many will be young people, and a training and reskilling programme to strengthen and expand the distinctive skillsets of Ifis People.


Innovation and technical skills

Innovation allows us to go that one step further and form a closer and more hands-on relationship with customers. The digitisation of sales processes and solutions for reducing operational risks are just the starting point for making a difference.

Banca Ifis is a bank truly based on people. This is the kind of thing you hear often, but if we stop and consider what characterises us, you realise that it’s actually true. 

Frederik Geertman - Chief Executive Officer of Banca Ifis

Our corporate culture

Passionate, courageous, and always willing to confront, because our organization is based on mutual trust between colleagues and leaders.

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The Bank, our values

Dynamic and efficient

We are quick and dynamic in how we face challenges. Simplifying processes, investments in digitization and cost efficiency are the basis on which we build our growth.

Innovative and digital

With our unique and innovative business model, we respond with smart solutions to our client’s requests. Through investments in digital technology and a dedicated team to accelerate innovation, we offer banking services in a new way.


We believe in merit: Autonomy, personal initiative, and a sense of responsibility are what drive changes and professional growth. That is why we reward people who bring their personal contributions to the company’s future every day with commitment and dedication.


Our business development is in line with the S of ESG.  Because of that, we created Kaleidos, our Social Impact Lab to promote projects with a high social impact on culture, health, and the local area for all the Bank’s stakeholders.

Flat and Open

Informal and innovative at birth, we believe in the comparison and strength of each other’s contribution to achieving results. We seize new growth opportunities through the activation of strategic partnerships, in line with our Bank-as-a-platform model.

Why choose us

We want to be a source of inspiration to spread business culture by telling stories and raising the profile of virtuous companies, places, and initiatives, promoting financial and social inclusion.

leasing office e IT


Digital is the DOES “D” of our Business Plan: over the next three years we will invest 76 million euros in digital technology, also a dedicated innovation team.


Ifis4you, the community of Ifis People, to involve all our people and to strengthen our shared culture. On our intranet, you can find all activities updates, events, and project, as well as all documents and materials useful for doing your job.


We recognize ourselves in the values of sports such as perseverance, teamwork, and focus on achieving goals. That is why we are close to numerous sports, from basketball to football to volleyball, in order to be close to the territory and the community.


We operate in profitable market segments, often as a leader. We strive for excellence in people, in processes, and in our positioning.


Planning a new future requires openness and visionary thinking: which is why we are always looking for new approaches and dialogues. Freedom in ideas and work with MyIfiswork: where you can choose your own working hours and spaces.