We sustain the real economy

We are not a traditional bank. We are a bank that inspires those wanting to create, compete, grow. We support companies for all their financial needs. We invest and transform portfolios of non performing loans.

Omnichannel and digital, how we work

We do not have counters. We have commercial offices and cutting-edge programmes, like Ifis4business for the digitisation of processes and services for the company’s benefit.

We work in a highly profitable field. We want to be a benchmark operator in financial support for Italian SMEs, which we aim to assist in all their economic needs by offering a full range of products and services: factoring, advisory and equity investment, structured finance, leasing and medium/long term loans for industrial investments.

We have a division entirely dedicated to tax credits and we manage the advance payment of invoices to the Public Administration.

Lastly, we are active throughout the entire non performing loans (NPL) chain. Our specialisation, however, never makes us overlook the human dimension: the customer always comes first and foremost. Through our business model, we work to support entrepreneurship and improve the financial inclusion of people.

Trade Receivables, Leasing, Corporate and Investment Banking, Tax receivables.

Rendimax Conto Deposito, Rendimax Conto Corrente, Capitalfin Services.

Selection, evaluation and purchase of unsecured non-performing loan portfolios.

Conversion of the largest number of assets into re-performing status.

We oversee specific businesses requiring a distinctive, extremely high level of competence. In that way, the bank creates value and ensures a lasting, continuous competitive advantage.

Frederik Geertman - Chief Executive Officer of Banca Ifis

Banking services for businesses and individuals

Thanks to our experience and competence we respond to the needs of businesses and individuals. We create trust relationships with our customers and help implement their projects. Speed, simplicity, digital evolution and omnichannel presence: we innovate our offer continuously to guarantee SMEs and individuals products and services gauged to their needs.

Non performing loans management

Pioneers and investors in the NPL market in Italy, we are the national operator of reference in both the acquisition and management of non performing loan portfolios. The competitive advantage comes from a combination of being able to purchase and manage/transform non performing loans.

In Banca Ifis every day…

A team of people with exceedingly high competences puts itself on the line every day to do an extraordinary job: grow assisting the protagonists of the real economy.
What we do makes the difference: we create value for ourselves, our customers and the community.


We are looking for bright, forward-thinking and ambitious people, who know how to face challenges and seize opportunities.

Fattore I

Impact, Innovation, Enterprise, Together: all part of our job. We want to create value for whoever comes into contact with us.

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