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Factoring import/export

The way to ensure liquidity in the international market

Does your company operate in the international market? Find out more about our ​​import/export factoring​.

If you are an exporting company you can ​obtain immediate liquidity​​, by giving us the trade receivables you have accrued with foreign customers. In this way, you can free up financial resources for your business and finally have certainty about payment periods, helping to improve your administrative management.

In addition, if you import from abroad, you can ​offer various forms of guarantee to your suppliers​​, improving relationships and trade flow and gaining more favourable payment conditions.

We are here to help


We have considerable expertise ​​in evaluating counterparty credit risk


You can request advance payment on the receivables assigned to us

Protection from the risk of insolvency

In the case of non-recourse factoring, we protect you against the risk of failure to collect

Expertise in the international market

Banca Ifis is a member of FCI (Factors Chain International), the international association to which all the main factors belong

Import/export factoring can operate in two different ways:

  • Non-recourse factoring: the Bank protects the customer company against the risk of non-payment. It is the most common form of factoring in the international context.
  • ​Recourse factoring​​: the Bank does not protect the client company against the risk of non-payment.

The benefits for your business

Evaluation of foreign customers

Both those you already have in your portfolio and potential customers

Constant monitoring

The performance of your customers and their state of payment are constantly monitored

Specialist management

You relieve your company of an extra burden by outsourcing your credit management and entrusting it to a specialist

Guarantee of successful completion of the transact

You are supported and protected: in the case of non-recourse factoring, the risk of non-payment is assumed by the Bank.

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