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Purchase of tax credits

Superbonus, Ecobonus and other tax bonuses

We have put in place a financial solution meant to provide with liquidity construction undertakings and general contractors who are entitled to tax credits deriving from works meant to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and/or reduce the risk from earthquakes, in the context of the provisions of the Decreto Rilancio [Relaunch Decree] (Decree Law 34/2020 converted with amendments into Law 77/2020).

A product for construction undertakings that specialise in the works concerned by the Superbonus 110% and other construction tax bonuses that envisage the possibility of applying the “invoice discount” and the cession of the credit to banks and financial intermediaries.

Financial support to undertakings for energy and earthquake requalification works that benefit environmental sustainability, personal safety and the economy is also to be combined with the initiatives for the protection of the environment and sustainable development undertaken by Banca Ifis.

What we offer

Purchase with recourse of the tax credit

Once the works have been completed, the tax credit that will lead to a certain amount is assigned to the Bank until 31 December 2021.

Advance payment of the tax credit amount (Factorin

The undertaking is granted the liquidity required to sustain the works to be executed.

The advantages of Tax credits purchasing

The purchasing of tax credits can be very convenient:

  • For undertakings who do not foresee a sufficiently “large” tax credit to be able to fully benefit from the deduction bonuses, especially taking into account the fact that Superbonus quotas that have not been deducted from the gross tax for each year are in no way recoverable by the taxpayer;
  • For undertakings which, although they can take advantage of the bonus with the usual methods, wish to immediately liquidate their value, easily obtaining liquidity for their business needs.

A few documents, maximum transparency

We offer an especially streamlined activation process, based on a request for only the strictly necessary documentation; specifically:

For the Superbonus 110%:

Service contract

between the undertaking and the beneficiary of the works (private or joint ownership)

Certificate of compliance

For the other bonuses:

Service contract

between the undertaking and the beneficiary of the works (private or joint ownership)

Bank transfer indicating the details of the works


Receipt of transmission to the ENEA

containing the identification code and the description sheet of the works.

In addition and only for the Sismabonus:

  • Declaration that the works carried out comply with the registered design, issued by the works supervisor and the person who performed the static testing, each one for the matters under their professional purview, and receipt of registration with the Municipality.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. For the contractual conditions of Purchase with recourse of Tax Credits and Factoring, please refer to the related information sheets available at our branches and in the Transparency section of the website

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