Bank Strategy

Banca Ifis strategy is voted to increase the profits, in order to improve the financial stability, allow the financing of the business growth and the remuneration of the stakeholders through the distribution of the dividends.

Strategy in NPL business

In the NPL segment, Banca Ifis is the fourth largest NPL player in the Italian market in terms of volumes managed and is the leader in the unsecured non-performing loan segment. Banca Ifis operates on the non-performing loans market as a primary investor and owns one of the top servicers currently operating in Italy.

Banca Ifis’s strategy for the medium term is focused on continuing to purchase unsecured loan portfolios by participating actively in all processes on the market, progressively expanding the characteristics of the non-performing portfolios purchased to include the secured and corporate segment and constantly increasing the efficiency of the recovery process for non-performing loans.

The long-term strategy, from 2023 onwards, i.e. when it is estimated that non-performing loan purchases will be more affected by the calendar provisioning rules, is to progressively act as a co-investor for NPLs.

Strategy in commercial & corporate banking

Banca Ifis is a specialised operator in support of small and medium enterprises. It is active in factoring, leasing, structured finance, purchase of tax credits, corporate banking and medium-term lending guaranteed by MCC.

The strategy is focused on profitable growth, expanding the customer base, strengthening cross-selling, evolving the commercial model in the medium enterprises segment, investing in digital innovation, creating a new online hub for customers, strengthening of credit risk monitoring and developing of a new communication strategy.

Improving operating efficiency

Efficiency will be improved through numerous management actions aimed at containing costs, the rationalisation of the IT platform, the optimisation of logistics, of licences and of the real-estate portfolio.


In the coming years, we intend to confirm our role as a bank of the real economy close to SMEs and able to create value for shareholders and all stakeholders.

Banca Ifis is a specialised and diversified banking group with a distinctive business model in the Italian market.

  • We are present in highly profitable niche businesses, where we have exclusive know-how and where we are well established and recognised. As operators specialised in factoring, we are in a strong and competitive position to offer services to businesses, in particular SMEs. We are pioneers in Italy in the acquisition and management of impaired loans, where we are leaders in the unsecured market, and we have now also established ourselves in the secured and corporate segment;
  • Diversification ensures stability and reduces business risk;
  • The sectors in which we operate offer great potential for growth.

Our business model is based on:

  • Flexibility in listening to customers’ needs, in the way we provide our services, and in investment and divestment decisions;
  • Speed ​​of response and execution;
  • Innovation in products and services but also in technological infrastructures.

We are a solid, profitable and growing bank. Over the past 25 years, our shareholders’ equity has grown by around 1.5 billion euros and we have paid out around 0.4 billion euros in dividends. We are the fourth listed bank in Italy in terms of profit generated over the last 10 years.

Find out more about our results here.

The growth of the group has always been supported by the majority shareholder, La Scogliera, which ensures continuity and cohesion in management, a strategic vision over the long term and a prudent approach to risk.

We propose an attractive dividend policy.

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