Banca Ifis Logo

Mission, Vision and Values

Practicality and excellence, closeness to the real economy, integrity, transparency and expertise: we have a unique way of doing business.

Watch the video interview with Frederik Geertman, CEO of Banca Ifis.

Banca Ifis stands out on the Italian financial scene for a unique way of doing business: our lean structure allows us to work in a fast and flexible manner and we have always been attentive to the real needs of our customers, with whom we form a close and personal relationship.

Our Mission

We aim to offer real support to businesses and people through services and products of excellence which have a positive impact on the economy and create value on a local level.

Our Vision

We aim to be the main operator of reference and a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to create, grow and compete in the world of business

Our Values


Respect for people and the environment and reliability guide all our actions


Openness to dialogue and helpful collaboration form the basis of our relationship with all our stakeholders.


We always seek to improve; and each milestone is a new starting point for continuous growth.


The knowledge and passion of our people allow us to offer an invaluable service for our customers.