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Economy of Beauty is a project within Kaleidos, Banca Ifis’ Social Impact Lab that promotes high social impact activities that benefit people and communities, including in culture.

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Beauty represents a growing part of Italy’s GDP. At the end of 2022, this economic sector contributed 26.1% to Italy’s Gross Domestic Product. This proves that Beauty has contributed to our country’s recovery after the two-year pandemic and is a real driving force for our production system. For the 2023 edition, we focused on the degree to which the excellence of Italian manufacturing originates from ‘savoir faire’, the work of our master artisans, a system undergoing rapid demographic, economic and social change.

26,1% the contribution to GDP in 2022

the Beauty Economy’s contribution to GDP in 2022, reflecting its driving role for the Italian economy

54% The share of "know -how" turnover

The share of turnover of manufacturing companies, on average, attributable to artisanal ‘know-how’

For the 80% of manufacturing companies are artisanal ‘know-how’ vital for market positioning

80% of manufacturing companies consider artisanal ‘know-how’ vital for market positioning

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