Conto Deposito

Our savings account with zero charges offers you annual gross returns of up to 4.00% and excellent reliability: more than 100,000 customers have already chosen our savings account.

The Rendimax Conto Deposito solutions

Returns, security, freedom, free-of-charge.

LiberoLike or Vincolato: Rendimax Conto Deposito fears no comparison for what concerns returns and freedom when managing your capital. Learn about the solution that satisfies your saving needs.


up to 4.00% Annual gross rate

Availability of sum
When the constraint expires

No opening/closing costs

Minimum amount
€ 1,000

Payment of interest

  • In advance when activated if you choose Vincolato In advance Anticipato
  • Quarterly deferred if you choose Vincolato Deferred


0.75% Annual gross rate

Availability of sum
Within 33 calendar days

No opening/closing costs

Minimum amount
€ 1,000

Payment of interest


0.20% Annual gross rate*

Availability of sum

No opening/closing costs

Minimum amount

Payment of interest

Open the account

Vincolato In Advance

Vincolato Deferred

6 months



9 months



1 year



18 months



2 years



3 years



4 years



5 years



More returns

Returns vary based on the savings account solution you choose.
With the solution Vincolato savings accounts you may choose whether to receive the interest in advance (Vincolato in Advance) or at quarterly deadlines (Vincolato Deferred) with gross annual returns of up to 4.00%.
With the solution Like savings account you receive annual gross returns of 0.75% you may ask for the sums deposited whenever you want and have them available to you after 33 calendar days, still accruing.


The transactions are secure.
The Rendimax Savings Account may be handled through predefined accounts (up to three). These must have the same headings, except for Rendimax Current Account (if included as second or third predefined account). This guarantees that outgoing movements may only be towards another payment account belonging to you.

Your capital is secure.
Banca Ifis is a member of the Interbank Deposit Guarantee Fundwhich guarantees up to €100 thousand for each customer and for the Bank. We would like to remind you that on 2 July 2015 Parliament approved a law introducing harmonised rules in all European countries to manage bank and investment company crises (download the complete document on bail-in).

Maximum assistance

We have answered many of our customers’ questions over the years. Consult the most frequent.

The quality of our Customer Service is the result of listening and being available that has enabled us to stand out for more than thirty years: help us make it even more effective by following us or asking for assistance on Facebook.

Our Customer Service responds on freephone number 800 522 122 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00. If you are abroad, phone +39 041 5027 646. You can send your documents to Banca Ifis S.p.A. Servizio Clienti Rendimax Conto Deposito Casella Postale 70 – 43044 Collecchio (PR). The registered office address is Banca Ifis S.p.A. Via Terraglio, 63, 30174 – 30174 – Venice-Mestre – Italy.

Download the app Banca Ifis Retail to manage your savings account from smartphone and tablet.

How to open a the savings account

Thanks to our simplified procedure to open a savings account online with digital signature, you do not need to print or send any paper forms. You will need a smartphone and an e-mail address. During the procedure, you must enter your personal details, the IBAN code of your predefined account and upload a copy of the valid identity document and health card in pdf or jpg format.

Once you have completed the request, you must activate your Rendimax Current Account by making a recognition transfer from your predefined account.

Looking for information or assistance?

Call the freephone number 800 522 122 (+39 041 5027 646 if you are abroad) or write to us at

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Advertising message for promotional purposes. The 4% gross annual return is foreseen for new term deposits with deferred settlement of interest (Vincolato Posticipato) and a 5 year duration. For the contractual conditions of Rendimax Conto Deposito, please refer to the information sheet available in the Key Information Sheets and in Banca Ifis branches.