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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental pillars of our strategy and corporate culture, which is why we are committed to valuing diversity in all its forms on a daily basis.

We strongly believe that people are one of the main drivers of our growth, and we promote an inclusive work environment free from any kind of harassment or discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, ethnic, national or social origin, disability, marital status and political opinions.

This is why in 2023 we published our first Group Policy for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion, which identifies and formalises our D&I principles and identifies respect for individual freedoms, the promotion of equal opportunities and inclusion, and the protection of diversity as essential pillars in the Group organisation.

DE&I Policy
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Our culture

For us at Banca Ifis, diversity, equity and inclusion are not just words, but concrete actions with which we seek to ensure that every person, at any level of responsibility, can aspire to grow professionally within our organization. These values are also reflected within the work environment, creating a transparent and fair climate that fosters inclusiveness and collaboration between different areas of the company. Every day we strive to enhance the uniqueness of each individual through dedicated projects, initiatives and moments of discussion.

Gender equality

All goals can only be achieved by putting people at the centre. We have developed an organisational culture geared towards enhancing gender equity, inside and outside the company. We are the first Italian bank certified for gender equality by the Winning Women Institute, a company committed to Gender Equality with the aim of spreading the principle of Gender Equality within the world of work.

We promote industry studies and research, training and empowerment initiatives to help young female students in STEM-related paths. On this front, we have signed a partnership with the Alumni Association of the Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori in Padua to support the Summer STEM Academy, a program dedicated to STEM orientation for high school boys. Our support for diversity and inclusion also includes sports: we are the official sponsor of the Sampdoria Women, the club’s women’s team promoted to the Serie A championship from 2022, and special Partner of the Umana Reyer Venezia men’s and women’s team.


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Our youth, our future

Our Ifis People are qualified, from many different fields, and with an average age of 40, making the Bank a constantly evolving company. Thanks to such a diverse team, we set ourselves increasingly ambitious goals within the market to be more innovative, agile and smart every day.

Key contributors in this process are our Inclusive Leadership Model and our Ifis Academy, which facilitates the preparation and specialization of people, with a continuous investment in upskilling and reskilling paths. Among the main initiatives Ready To Race is the first experiential training path dedicated to young talents, born from the desire to support the growth process of Ifis People.

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