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Inclusive finance requires awareness: financial literacy as a tool to combat the gender gap was the theme of the webinar we curated during the second edition of 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion

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Why – as surveys of the Bank of Italy have revealed – are Italian women still not very independent economically and financially and in terms of investments?

This is the question asked during the webinar Il gender gap nell’alfabetizzazione finanziaria: cause e call for action (The gender gap in financial literacy: causes and calls for action) that we organised during the second edition of 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion.

Financial Literacy as a Response to the Financial Gender Gap

Introduced by Katia MariottiChief NPL Officer of Banca Ifis – the speech, held by Magda Bianco, head of the Bank of Italy’s Customer Protection and Financial Education Department, analysed the results of the latest research carried out on this issue.

Based on the findings of the surveys – revealing gaps in the financial literacy of Italians at the root of gender inequalities – the webinar stimulated reflection on how women can acquire greater awareness in the economic-financial sphere.

The context

According to the research of the Bank of Italy, the average level of financial capability of Italians is among the lowest recorded within the OECD area.

/ 20

average score of financial capability in Italy
vs average of 13/20 in OCSE area

/ 20%

declared knowledge of basic financial concepts
women vs men

4 Weeks 4 inclusion: the race for diversity and inclusion

4 weeks with 189 digital events organised by over 200 companies: 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion is the largest inter-company event all about inclusion. Held between 22 October and 22 November 2021, the second edition – of which we were Partners – involved over 200 companies. The packed schedule of digital events covered the themes of diversity and inclusion and involved the approximately 700,000 employees of partner companies in the creation of a world without discrimination.