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A second life for our headquarters' furnishings

A circular economy project carried out with Banco Building has given a second life to the furnishings and equipment of our offices in Corso Venezia.

The move of the Milan offices from the headquarters in Corso Venezia to that in Via Borghetto was an opportunity to carry out an important circular economy project for 12 organisations and foundations committed to supporting the most fragile sections of the population.

We have always played an active part in the fight against waste, and therefore chose to donate over 500 pieces of furniture and office equipment to Banco Building who put them to use around their premises.

The furnishings (desks, wardrobes, chairs, meeting tables, dressers, pieces of equipment and office accessories) were donated to twelve different and well-established organisations and foundations in Lombardy which offer assistance to the disabled and families in difficulty, addiction treatment, services for the elderly and young people, and care for children and women victims of violence, in Italy and abroad.

The paper shredders, for example, will be sent to Ethiopia to produce paper confetti to be used as a component in the production of building materials for use by local communities. In Italy, the wardrobes and shelving will be used to furnish a new multipurpose centre of the Sesto San Giovanni Sorgente di Vita Association. The chairs and desks will be used in new classrooms for the reintegration of vulnerable people into the world of work, or used to equip common areas and laboratories, as in the case of Piccolo Cottolengo di Don Orione (Seregno, MB) which provides complete assistance to the elderly and disabled.

Banco Building

Banco Building is a voluntary organisation in Milan with decades of experience in the recovery of non-perishable materials from the point of view of circular economy. This non-profit organisation operates throughout Italy, playing a part in international projects and activities in Ethiopia, Benin, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Syria, and Haiti.

The organisation searches for donor companies and enters requests for materials for charitable works in a database.