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Overcoming difficulties to choose one’s future

We offer younger generations opportunities for a better future. By working with the CAF Association we aim to offer children and young people the possibility of building the tomorrow they want independently, leaving behind their social and psychological hardships.

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We want to help build an equitable and inclusive community, where even those who are vulnerable have the opportunity to find their own path and follow it, with the necessary tools and resources. In the same spirit, the CAF Association aims to help facilitate integration into society of children and young people spurned by their families.

This affinity forms the basis of a collaboration in social projects (ranging from the financing of job placement programmes to contributions for dedicated housing) that began in 2021 and is continuing to evolve.

Job Grants: the first steps in society

In 2021 we launched the Job Grants project together with the CAF Association to help young people in the CAF community enter the world of work.

This project allowed young people to:

  • Help in a comic shop;
  • Work in a stationers;
  • Do entertainment activities in the community of 3-12 year-olds;
  • Carry out maintenance in the common areas of the communities.

Teen House

The collaboration was renewed and confirmed in 2022 with support for the Teen House, self-catering accommodation designed by the CAF Association – close to the Teen Community – for young adults facing the delicate moment of leaving the protected environment of the community.

The context

In the more than 40 years since it was founded, the CAF Association has welcomed and cared for over 1,000 children victims of abuse in its Residential Communities and offered valuable support to their families.


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The CAF Association

Founded in 1979 with the support of the Municipality of Milan and the approval of the Juvenile Court, the CAF Association carries out various activities in Lombardy: reception and care of children aged 0 to 18, support for families, prevention and courses for parents.

The CAF Association is an innovative place which welcomes and cares for, in a specific and professional manner, children and young people who have left their family due to trauma and deep relational wounds, with the aim of breaking the chain that too often transforms young victims of violence into abusive or neglectful adults.

As a result of its ongoing work with children and in response to the needs of the community, the Association has also developed specific services for the prevention of child abuse and maltreatment and support for the families of the children received and the foster families.