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Together with Sampdoria Women for their Serie A debut

The Sampdoria team made its debut in the women’s Serie A with our brand on the jerseys as main sponsor. It has worked hard to make this dream come true. We were impressed by the perseverance with which the footballers have pursued this dream, and together with them we are sending a strong message against all prejudice.

Sampdoria Women - Banca Ifis

Women’s football has always fought against prejudice. The footballers are a real example of how determination, strength of will and passion make it possible to overcome any obstacle.

Supporting the Sampdoria Women’s debut in the Women’s Serie A as main sponsor of U.C. Sampdoria allows us to reaffirm what we believe in: that, in a world free from discrimination, it is possible to realise one’s dreams with drive, desire and ability.

For this reason, every week, we cheer on the Sampdoria team at stadiums all over Italy.

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