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Banca Ifis alongside women in the prevention of female cancers

The well-being of people at the center of projects with a high social impact

In October, the month dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer, Banca Ifis presented its collaboration with Welfare Care, a company with which it has created a project to raise awareness among its employees.

New health appointments for Ifis People

The Bank has organized prevention days at five of its main offices. In fact, the employees and family members of all Ifis People have the opportunity to apply for mammograms and breast ultrasounds completely free of charge.

The screening tests will be carried out by specialized medical personnel in a mobile clinic, located at the offices of the group, with immediate release of the report in total respect for privacy.

The initiative is one of many other activities of “Nuvola della Salute”, the Bank’s project for the prevention and health of Ifis People, responding in a practical manner to the need to protect the health of our people.

The importance of valuable partnerships

Welfare Care is a Benefit company that helps companies raise awareness of social issues and organize initiatives that reinforce the messages conveyed. One of the main activities promoted by the company is to promote prevention and make mammograms and ultrasound scans accessible to women throughout the country.