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Sustainable Recovery: helping families

We recover non-performing loans in an ethical manner and with dialogue and transparency. We believe in financial inclusion, offering sustainable repayment plans for families and businesses.

Debt collection is an activity that has a strong impact on society. In managing our credit portfolio, therefore, we have developed highly distinctive policies and strategies based on great expertise, technological innovation and analysis of a great volume of data and documents. The goal is to create a sustainable system that can help families and businesses achieve financial stability.

Patient recovery to create stability

Our approach to the market is based on the desire to ensure that people can once again access credit. With patient recovery we want to increase the number of Italian families who are given the opportunity to be reintegrated into the financial system.

Our sustainable recovery plans

We are attentive to the sustainability of credit recovery, with non-impacting monthly instalments and patient times.

The principles of our approach to the NPL market

A virtuous strategic model

Each action is sustainable for the customer, for the Bank and for the system in which the Bank operates.

The importance of agents

New identity and stimuli for a profession, that of the credit agent, often seen in a negative light.

Empathy and a supportive approach

Training in empathy, a supportive approach to assistance and respect for the values of the code of ethics at the basis of daily work: welcome call, check up and monitoring of the performance and behaviour of agents and companies.

The evolution of NPL management in terms of sustainability

As a leader in the sector, we are committed to contributing to the sustainable transformation of the NPL market.

  • Better training activities for staff in the management of customer relations;
  • Greater use of digital systems and technology (e.g. artificial intelligence for operations and robotics for repetitive activities such as reconciliation of receipts) to increase the efficiency of processes and retrain staff to carry out activities of higher added value;
  • Improvement of the monitoring and alert system for a better recovery process in terms of customer service.
  • Paperless requalification of the underlying documentation of portfolios.