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Meet your accelerator: a new initiative by Banca Ifis to contribute to corporate and personal growth in terms of gender equality.

Banca Ifis has launched Meet your accelerator, a new format dedicated to all Bank employees, to increase awareness of issues related to diversity, inclusion and gender equality.

This project is part of Kaleidos, Banca Ifis’ social impact lab that aims to create value with people and for people, expressing the potential generated by diversity.

The programme

The new programme specifically for Ifis people and created in collaboration with the Obiettivo Cinque association. Role models from the worlds of big business, academia and finance will share information and exchange views on issues such as gender equality, female empowerment and the creation of social value. The project conveys a strong message that will contribute to the adoption of new models of inclusion.

Obiettivo Cinque

Obiettivo Cinque is an association that seeks to make gender equality a key principle for an inclusive and sustainable society, where economic success and social well-being go hand in hand.

The association supports companies in the creation of virtuous processes and activities to promote and support a concrete commitment towards a society based on: creation of value, sustainability, inclusiveness, diversity and social responsibility.