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Let's take the sprint to road safety

Together with the Michele Scarponi Foundation we want to make the streets safer, spreading the culture of respecting the rules and other people. A passion for cycling and its values can improve the community one ride at a time.

Fondazione Scarponi - Banca Ifis

Involving sweat and effort, roads and people, cycling is a commitment every metre of the way – beyond every obstacle – until you reach the finish line. Determination and perseverance are two values that sports teach you and which form part of our approach to work and inspire our collaboration with the Michele Scarponi Foundation.

We support sport because it puts us in touch with people’s hearts and the history of our country. It has always been a vehicle of values such as determination, sacrifice and teamwork.


The Gran Fondo di Siena and Cantù

Donations for the distance

26 Ifis People took part in the Gran Fondo di Siena e Cantù – cycling events which received our support.

Their goal was not only to try and win, but also to raise funds for the Michele Scarponi Foundation.

Divided into two teams, one for each race, the cyclists in Ifis jerseys showed up at the starting line aware that the Bank would donate one Euro for every kilometre that they covered and every “like” by colleagues.

Teamwork led to a generous donation, thanks to the 2,830 km covered on the roads and 4,456 total likes received for the written, photographic and video reports (3,809 for photos, 609 for news, and 38 for videos).

Il Gregario

The series about a key figure in cycling and his values

A video-manifesto, six exclusive interviews. It is Il Gregario, the storytelling project by Banca Ifis on the world of bicycles and a key figure in cycling: the one who works tirelessly and selflessly for the success of the team and its captain. The integrated communication project – featuring the face and voice of Marco Scarponi, brother of the late Michele Scarponi and promoter of the homonymous foundation – aims to show the Bank’s support for the world of cycling.

The Michele Scarponi Foundation

Named after the cyclist who passed away due to a training accident, the Michele Scarponi ONLUS Foundation creates and finances projects that promote awareness of correct road user behaviour and a culture of respect for the rules and for other people.

The Foundation collaborates with sport associations, schools, police forces, with state authorities responsible for monitoring, securing and training in road safety and with all organizations that share the same goals.

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