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Doing business is about learning from one’s past

Palomar: a company that has never been afraid to change and renew itself.


Palomar, the name of which pays tribute to Italo Calvino, has proven expertise in the design of high quality panels for mobile homes and more. The experience in the world of camper vans of the founding members, the Giotti, Nencioni and Bagni families, was the key to the company’s initial success. With the onset of the crisis, however, the firm’s strong specialisation became its Achilles heel. And yet, despite everything, Palomar did not give up; thanks to its financial strength and thanks to restructuring with a view to diversifying its products and markets, the company managed to rebuild its success.

“At Palomar, nothing is thrown away; we recycle everything we can.”

Lorenzo Giotti, director of Palomar

“The world is a big clock and we are its cogs, each one important to make everything work.”

In Palomar there are many cogs that make the business go around. There are the machines, the accounting and the financing, which have helped the company even in times of crisis and have led the entrepreneurs to understand the need for change and diversification. Then there are the most valuable cogs of all: the faces, names, experience and creativity of the people who, on a daily basis, study ways to improve the production line and how to meet the needs of customers with customised panels, even starting from a simple sketch. Technology, craftsmanship and people are the cogs that turn all together to make Palomar a success.

Palomar initially focused solely on the camper van sector. After the crisis, the company restarted by branching out into other sectors such as mobile homes, green buildings, garden furniture, and even hunting huts. All this has allowed the company to resume its growth and achieve good results in 2018 with an EBITDA of 19.06% and a return on invested capital of 43.35%.


Palomar likes to call itself a virtuous producer: processing is carried out with great attention to waste, everything is recycled in-house or by other external companies, and what cannot be recycled is sealed and disposed of accordingly. A pellet boiler is used for heating, and the residue is recovered by a specialised company. The filters of the machines which release emissions into the atmosphere are also maintained with care.

Digital innovation

The company combines the craftsmanship of the Bagni family, who specialise in cabinet-making, with the technology of cutting-edge machinery. The company already integrates 4.0 systems and plans to continue investing in this field. The research and development of new solutions is carried out daily and involves every part of the company, from the technical office to the production and bonding lines, where skill becomes an art.