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Adriacos: engineering at the service of social responsibility

Water is a valuable resource but is often wasted. According to the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, we all need to make a more concerted effort to conserve it. And this goal is naturally shared by those whose daily work is all about optimising the integrated water cycle.

Adriacos is a construction company that works in various fields including environmental engineering, hydraulic defence and the integrated water cycle (mains water, purification and sewage). Training and technology are key to the company’s strategy for continuous improvement of its services.

Adriacos implements crucial measures for the proper management of water resources. These involve the maintenance of aqueducts in the event of leaks and the improvement of water purification facilities, and the separation of rainwater and sewage. In the world of purification, the company also works with specialised companies to improve their plants and optimise their use.

Adriacos takes its social responsibilities seriously and has obtained certifications as a way to grow its business and raise its stakeholders’ awareness of issues relating to the careful use of water resources.

At Adriacos, our main objective is to develop a corporate model based on awareness of the social responsibility we have towards customers, employees and all the people around us.

Marco Frattolin, Chief Executive Officer of Adriacos

Guaranteeing the availability and sustainable management of water.”


GOAL no. 6 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development