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Il Volo Social Cooperative, small steps of inclusion

Building a fairer and more inclusive society that smooths out inequalities within and between countries is certainly among the most important and challenging goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. The initiative is one in which anyone can play a part, but which also requires the particular commitment of those who welcome migrants and refugees every day.

The Il Volo Social Cooperative was founded in 2016 by professionals with many years of experience in the assistance and protection of political asylum seekers, offering them training courses and work placements to help them along their path of integration and social inclusion.

These objectives are pursued at the two centres of Rieti and Rignano Flaminio, where people are offered basic services, health care and legal assistance during the asylum application process, and then given tuition in the Italian language and helped to find work and get involved in volunteering projects.

Efforts are also made to raise public awareness of inclusion issues with a special focus on complex topics such as that of victims of human trafficking. The challenges in the fight against inequality are many, but every little gesture is significant.

These small services that we offer and small projects that we carry out are extremely important for the people we help, not only in human terms but also in the way we make them feel included in our society.

Giulio Bagnasco, Chief Administrative Office of Il Volo Social Cooperative

“Smoothing out inequalities within and between countries” 

GOAL no. 10 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development