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Order and quality: the secrets of high fashion

The value of a product that always looks to the future is measured in class and innovation.

Fap Italia

A belt is more than just an accessory. It is also about class, distinction and style, especially when it comes to high fashion and catwalks around the world. The founders Giorgio Stamerra and Paola Volponi are well aware of this: FAP Italia is much more than just a company, it is also a laboratory that speaks of their great passion and their sacrifices. Organisation, order, fluidity and trust are the notes that resonate between the walls of FAP Italia and that the two entrepreneurs would like the current staff, who have contributed to the company’s success, to continue to keep alive for a long time to come.

“The secret is to keep downtime to a minimum and have a fast and divided production line. “

Giorgio Stamerra, owner of FAP Italia

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Imagination within the walls of FAP Italia has many meanings. It means looking to the future while in difficulty, as in 2008, when, despite the severe crisis, the couple of entrepreneurs did not give up but instead started looking for new customers and invested in machinery and new solutions. Imagination is thinking about your own production line and having the courage to reinvent it, first with the adoption of the Toyota production system and then in everyday life, following the sudden changes in the market, always with the desire to give customers the highest quality demanded by luxury brands in particular. It is also about creating a sample collection, a different world for each brand or line, avoiding standardisation and taking a gamble with highly stylish models, even if aimed at a market niche.

Almost 5 million in turnover, 90% of customers among luxury fashion groups, 32 employees (there were 24 in 2015), an annual growth of around 30% in the last four years: this is all tangible evidence of entrepreneurship that never gives up. FAP Italia, in fact, which started out as a provider of subcontracting companies in the fashion industry, has faced the crisis and is emerging victorious: it is now set to become one of the top manufacturers of belts for catwalks all over the world. By adopting the Toyota model, it can maximise productivity and keep prices stable in a highly competitive sector.


The company crafts belts out of eco-friendly leather to order and proposes new types of this material for testing by some brands. The desire is to try to be greener in the near future by setting up a roof garden.

Digital innovation

Machinery plays an important part in work at FAP Italia, where the choice of relatively small and manageable devices makes it possible to reorganise the production line with relative ease. The company also has the advantage of having a trusted technology supplier who can adapt the equipment to its business needs.