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The simplicity of a technology that has conquered the world.

Amped software

Martino Jerian was completing his studies in electronic engineering. His tutor set him a project: an Image Processing service for the carabinieri of the RIS (Scientific Investigations Unit) of Parma. Jerian realised that there was no easy-to-use software for forensic image and video analysis on the market and had an entrepreneurial vision: to create software providing all the tools necessary for investigations, that could be simple to use and compatible with the needs of the judiciary. Jerian’s goal was as simple as it was ambitious: to become the world leader in that sector. By working with experts and focusing on customer service, he succeeded in achieving this goal in about ten years.

“Plenty of enthusiasm, a clear goal and happy coincidences: these are the keys to our success.”

Martino Jerian, CEO of Amped Software

“A moment’s intuition is sometimes worth a lifetime of experience.”

The I Factor of Amped Software is the intuition of the founder Martino Jerian. After graduating, the entrepreneur sensed the commercial potential of a product not yet present on the market: new software for forensic image and video analysis that could be used independently even by non-experts. Amped Software won one award after another and also involved the collaborative work of experts recognised worldwide in the sector. The software is constantly updated and improved upon, but the original intuition that led the small company based in Trieste to sell its software in more than 90 countries worldwide, remains the same.

Amped is the brainchild of Martino Jerian, an electronic engineer with entrepreneurial flair. The company is made up of 18 employees and collaborators, some of them international experts in the field of forensic image and video analysis. Research and development account for a third of all costs. The turnover was over one and a half million euros in 2017. Exports exceeded 95% in 90 countries around the world.


While aware of the low environmental impact of its business, Amped Software is still committed to respecting nature with its choice of ecological packaging. Furthermore, some of its software is distributed digitally and therefore limits the use of USB media.

Digital innovation

The product development process is carried out with a management system for planning new features, where customer feedback is recorded and then used to develop new products and features based on priority.